TripleX Clan [!] HUD


as a TripleX Clan Member I would like to show you the Clan HUD.

Download Link

How to Install:

Just unzip the file in the trmulous/base/ui folder, then in console type “exec base/ui/triplexhud_inst.cfg”

How to Uninstall:

In console type “exec base/ui/triplexhud_uninst.cfg”

Have Fun !!!

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Hi @ghostislol :slight_smile: ,

It would be a good idea to post a screenshot of your HUD.

Hi I tried it out and it is pretty good.

The only two problems is the language and the installation steps.

Instead of putting in the folder called triplexhudv1.0, you first have to copy both the uninstall and install files into the folder called triplexhud and then delete the v1.0 folder and paste the triplexhud into ui with the install and uninstall in there.

I am also not sure if the menu is default because I reinstalled two times and got the same black default menu.