TRY ME Tremulous client with gl2 Renderer!

WHats UP!

So you’ve seen the sweet screenshots of the tremoulous + ioq3 renderer2, but sadly you can’t find the download…

GOOD NEWS, try this:

This is the client + fixes so that you [YES YOU TOO] can play on GrangerHub/Club/test7… with the latest ioq3 renderer.

Also included is changes for kill messages, This however is not supported on grangerhub at this time.

Have fun kiddies…

**Make sure you read the everything in the README.txt (Also included on the linked page).


Does it have a transparent console and higher resolution support?

Not yet, but its on the list.

Hmm okay thanks, I’ll wait for that version. Keep up the good work.

Hmm, this isn’t a replacement its a demo. I would really appreciate if you took a look anyway and lemme know how it does / or does not work.


well thx) i now try it)

Please send me source! i wanna compile it for linux (i have 86 linux, not 86_64 and i can’t run it:< )

Crap- Was really hoping that no one would be using 32bit…

I’ll post the source up sometime today- however, I didn’t post an linux 32bit due to problems in the Makefile for that target. SDL + OpenGL.

I’ll also see what I can do to get you an binary to.

**Anyways, why u running 32bit? What processor u got bra?

well i have windows, just i now runned tremdroid hd server for devgame, so i can’t change os…

btw, if i running via wine tremulousx86.exe = Coud’t load default.cfg blablablka…idk

my proc support 64, i can install x64 win7-10

all ok, but wityh linux 64 = FUCKED GLITCH FUCKED LAG

on 2015-08-16 13:58:08 UTC, i’ve downloaded a file called, it has a size of 103407076 bytes and a SHA512 hash of 622d619d9b3babbae4a224509a06ba7779e2b5cc5f9f964ea8eea152e4aff3ba742996339bd288da3c54cf433e8b68226eee8b4df5e6b94c10f5745d2420f80c.

send me the source code for all the binaries (including QVMs and renderer shlibs) located in this package. this is an obligation, since the binaries r licensed under GPLv2+. furthermore, describe the build system (OS, version; compiler, version; command line; configuration) required to reproduce a bitwise-identical copy of those binaries from the source code that u’ll provide.

for the included SDL2 shared library, provide a link to the original file located on the developer’s site, as much as applicable.

the package contains a lack of licensing information:

  • Tremulous programs — GPLv2+
  • Tremulous assets — CC-BY-SA 2.5
  • SDL2 — zlib

amend the package to fix notices required by licenses.

furthermore, i will automatically ask u to publish the source code for further revisions, but this is not a priority (now i only ask for the source code of the specific package identified above).

DevHC- you are absolutely correct, I was not thinking with all brain cells fully caffeinated this morning. Thank you for pointing out my mistake, I will fix.

Now that I have your attention; may I ask you about your tremded changes? (I’ve been trying for a while now.)

DevHC: U VERY B NIGGER , he already said:

P.S BlowFish, you programmer yes?

Nah man, I just seduce computers with my pillow talk.

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I tried it, Very COOL, I SUGGEST IT AT ALL!. But servers don’t work…al time need cl_allowdownlaod 1 lablabla and etc

@NewSource Yes its not compatible with the 1.1 servers. I will not address this until the QVMs syscall table differences are resolved. Otherwise, you’d definitely encounter a few bad crashes for sure.

Being able to “view” the server list, was first important milestone.

The next was finding out how to connect to grangerhub.

The third was taking the above 2 changes, and making the client side , capability work again.

If you really want to fiddle with some behaviors, cl_protocolVersion, and cl_gameType are new cvars I added to help me figure out much of the above. (cl_protocolVersion = 71 [gpp], cl_gametype = 69 [trem1.1])

the above cvars are the same thing normally; so it seemed odd to me that grangerhub is publishing to master with 69, but the server itself enforces protocol 71 to connect.

IF YOUR FEELING SAUCY: cl_gameType 69, should permit you to start “connect” to the legacy 1.1 servers… I just don’t expect this to work for very long; probably a crash will occur.

Thank you for testing it out! :smile:

I’ve uploaded the code; is available from the same link above.

Talking with DevHC and TTimbo (just finished with Tim actually), regarding DevHC’s noted problems. I’ve re-upped the package several hours ago to have licenses for as much as I could find. Still waiting on SDL guys to get back to me, they’re site and TTimbo both stated LGPL, but need to know correct versions!!

wow awesome!! i’ve been fiddling with trying to get the ioq3 gl2 client to connect to grangerpub but couldn’t get anywhere, seems you figured it out yay!! :smiley:

you wouldn’t happen to be a opengl graphics programming guru wizard as well by any chance, would you?

Sadly no, rendering systems boggle my mind.

Btw BlowFish, you are maked THZ Hax?

WTF r u trying to do ?

  1. fetch the source code using Git
  2. check out the gpp Git-branch
  3. compile everything
  4. run the output

if u have discovered these steps, then u’ve figured out how to

  • view the server list,
  • connect to GrangerPub, and
  • create a server.

otherwise, i have no idea wtf u were thinking.

WRONG. there is no server called grangerhub; there’s GrangerPub.

WRONG. GrangerPub allows clients to use any protocol of 69, 70 and 71. this is the same with the test7341 server.

for example, the latest version of the Tremulous client/server developed at GitHub (in the gpp development branch) uses protocol 71, which the said servers support. previous versions, downloadable from, use protocols 69 (1.1.0 release) and 70 (GPP1 release), and r also supported by those servers. TremFusion uses protocol 69. MG uses protocol 70. there r no other Tremulous-related protocols, btw. in other words, those servers support all clients.

when was that ? on 2015-06-18, i got the last of the compatibility fixes into the source code repositories linked above.