Trying out a new theme

Overall, do you like the new theme?

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Still way too modern IMO and it’s also noticeably slower (clearly fewer than 60 FPS when scrolling any topic).

How does that even happen? I’ll try to scroll-test on my Thinkpad t60 tonight to see if performance got worse. So far it works fine on my Nvidia-powered laptop and Snapdragon-powered Nexus 4 phone.

Apparently the CSS elements with alpha and shadowing causes things to lag, so have been disabled.

@lamefun can you expand on what ‘way too modern’ means, or provide some specific examples of things for less modernness (if appropriate)?

In all honesty it kind of hurts my brain. The topic list makes me feel like swimming in the middle of nowhere, not sure if I get this feeling from the quasi-missing separators or the colors or the layout or idk but it’s pretty painful to me.

Perhaps highlighting the links on mouse hover would help too.

Edit #2: Ok it actually feels a lot better as of now.

Link highlight, and topic row highlight on mouse hover over added. Background image could also contain more horizontal tone changes to help with this (maybe).

Basically, it means that it looks like a modern website and not like an outdated website, for example:

What would the advantage(s) be of the website looking outdated?

Well, Tremulous is outdated, so the website should look outdated as well. Also, I don’t like these flat and crisp modern design trends by Apple… and basically most of the design “advancements”… the real Medusa Gorgon. They are destroying the soul of everything they touch…

We want to bring Tremulous a up to date as much as we can. Tremulous has not reached its full potential yet. However, this won’t happen over night, and it won’t happen in a single release, this is a long term project. At some point we may eventually decide to use another game engine, but there is still a significant portion of the game that can be improved using the current game engine.

Graphics-wise? Unvanquished developers are already doing a great job at that and they are actually almost finished with it. As Unvanqished has already filled the role of a “serious”-looking open-source human vs. alien game, I think it might be nice to go with the Team Fortress 2 or Warsow cartoonish style if you’re going to upgrade the game’s graphics.

That is a possibility, and something to consider after we first fix all of the annoying problems of Trem, and work on the game play. Game play, performance, and ease of use are our top priorities.


That might be worth having a separate thread about (wink wink), but regardless, the point of GrangerHub was to bring a community together back to Tremulous using social media tools fit for this generation of PC Gamers. Granted, Tremulous looks old as shit, but it’ll always stay that away until we get enough people interested to pitch in and help us revamp the graphics.

Thats why this forum has to be appealing and “modern” so that it appeals to a large enough audience to join the discussions. One day I think we all want Tremulous to look as modern as discourse, but we don’t have neither the manpower or the time to do so atm.