Tweak collisions with slimes (and trappers ?)

Slimes are a nearly flat buildable but its collision box is big as fuck. We should be at least abled to go on it just by walking, not by jumping.

If only square-ish collision boxes are doable with the engine, an idea would be to make it noclip for aliens. I don’t think that’s the kind of buildables you do tricks with.

Also, I wonder if collisions with trappers should or not be removed. Both slimes and trappers come at a stage where grangers can walk on walls, and they look tiny but have a big blocking collision box which is often annoying (trappers).

Commentary time

Since when stole ghub slime from edge?

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go on test server. I don’t know since when, but devel history on the website.

I ported the slime from yalt’s (aka Matth’s) Tremulous GPP Mod Edge on January 25, 2017. Edge’s code has been public for awhile, and it is licensed GPLv2+. The assets for the slimes have been publicly available for awhile, but are non-free. I am using them as a placeholder at the moment until its assets are replaced. I have included in the slime’s asset’s pk3 file a list of all of the assets and above that list the following statement:

The following assets are from the Tremulous GPP mod Edge by yalt (aka Matth)
(some scripts have been modified)

Regarding the bounding box, some things to know:

  • The game engine supports 3 types of “bounding geometries” (there might be a better term):

    • Box (The most common)
    • Capsule (which is pill shaped, and used in some places)
    • Bisphere (which is two spheres with a fixed distance between their centers, and I’m not sure if this is used anywhere)
  • The “bounding geometries” must be axis aligned with the map. This means that when a buiildable is placed on a surface that has an angle not aligned with any of the axis, its model would have to “stick out” of its bounding box to some degree so as to not look like it is floating above the surface it is attached to. This looks the best with bounding boxes that have all its sides equal, and that are relatively small.

  • The current size of the slime’s bounding box is the same as the size of an acidtube.

  • The model for the slime was scaled down from its previous size, however, as a result, the bounding box is larger than the slime’s maximum thickness.

  • It would be preferential to not make the size of the slime’s bounding box an smaller, as that would make doing damage to the slime more difficult.

I do think that the suggestion to make the bounding box semi noclip with at least grangers is of interest, and I have been working on something that would have that effect, but it probably won’t be ready for a couple more weeks.

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