Unitremia will be Hosting the First Half of this Saturday's Development Games

This Saturday, December 16, 2017, the first half of the development games will be hosted on the [color=blue]U[/color][color=cyan]n[/color][color=white]i[/color][color=cyan]trem[/color][color=red]i[/color][color=magenta]a[/color] server. The server’s location in Frankfurt, Germany is ideal for that time of day considering that is when the most European players are online. For the second half of the day’s development games, when there are more North and South American players online, we will migrate over to the [color=limegreen]Granger[/color][color=cyan]Lab[/color] server.

The games this weekend will start earlier than usual, basically whenever players first show up. (I will be getting up extra early :wink: )

[color=blue]U[/color][color=cyan]n[/color][color=white]i[/color][color=cyan]trem[/color][color=red]i[/color][color=magenta]a[/color] currently has the same game play as on [color=limegreen]Granger[/color][color=cyan]Lab[/color]. We may continue this kind of approach for future Saturday dev games depending on how it works out for this weekend. But what may occur for future dev games is that [color=blue]U[/color][color=cyan]n[/color][color=white]i[/color][color=cyan]trem[/color][color=red]i[/color][color=magenta]a[/color] may have more stable and tested features, since it is intended to be an everyday use public server, and we may reserve the more experiential features for [color=limegreen]Granger[/color][color=cyan]Lab[/color]. This would allow for a better comparison for the updates.

Be sure to spread word the word, and especially let your European friends know about this event. we do have a lot of new features, enhancements, adjustments, and fixes to test this Saturday, that we didn’t have last weekend, so lets make the most of it. I’ll see all of you in-game!

More information about the [color=blue]U[/color][color=cyan]n[/color][color=white]i[/color][color=cyan]trem[/color][color=red]i[/color][color=magenta]a[/color] server can be found here:


We had a good turnout at yesterday’s development games, at one point we had matches with 17 to 19 players on Unitremia. We got to see the new features in action in decent sized matches, we received a lot of constructive feedback, got some new ideas, and found some bugs. So overall, I would say that yesterday’s dev games were pretty productive. I’d like to thank everyone who attended and helped make this event a success :slight_smile: . We will probably continue this format of having the earlier half of Saturday’s dev games on Unitremia in Germany, and then the later half of Saturday’s dev games on the GrangerLab server in New York.