[UPDATED] Pulse 1.3 (build 200) is finally released!

[center][color=red][] [] [] [] [color=yellow]PULSE[/color] [color=0056FF]1.3[/color] [] [] [] [][/color][/center]



[center][color=yellow][] [] [] [] DESCRIPTIONS [] [] [] [][/color][/center]

[center]=> Reverted from merged floor to individual floor[/center]
[center]=> Remove disabled Adv. Marauder and is now unable to zap through human base easily[/center]
[center]=> Humans BP slightly increased again[/center]

[center][color=red]= = = = NOTE = = = =[/color][/center]

[center]If anyone have any problems with this mapping, leave your comments down below.
Feel free to play! :smile:[/center]

[center][color=#FF8B3B][] [] [] [] CREDITS [] [] [] [][/color][/center]

Original Pulse creator for Tremulous[/center]
Modifier, Junior Mapper of Tremulous[/center]

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[center][color=#3C61BF][] [] [] [] LAYOUT [] [] [] [][/color][/center]



Any reason for this? I believe the intention is to force them to go inside…

It’s very quiet - can multiple emitters be used so we can hear it better while outside (and near window area overlooking the outside area?)

This seems like it breaks the intention of forcing humans to fight their way inside. If I’m not mistaken; the beginning play on Pulse is supposed to be like a mini ‘mission’ for the humans.

Wouldn’t it better to just save your custom build as a ‘layout’ (saved in devmode) - and leave the *builtin* layout alone?


Where did 690 come from? 800 * 0.91 = 728

  • Giving humans an armoury at the beginning and moving their RC away from the door totally alters the “core” play of the map… Imho, revert the locations of the starting structures back.

  • Minor complaint about the water area: before you could build in the water AND behind the grate (which was a bug), but now you can’t build in the water at all? Imo put nobuild only behind the grate and allow water building (we allow it everywhere else on maps w/ water).

  • There is a missing particle system: pulse/drip_system

  • This really shouldn’t be ‘RC1’ since you didn’t release any previous versions? Shouldn’t the map version AND map name both be pulse_105 or so (and not simply ‘pulse’, which should be reserved for the ‘final’ release)?

Overall, this is shaping up nicely tho. :sunglasses:


@BillyRazOr2015 it seems that using a stereo sound (like the old asset) would indeed force the sound to be louder???


My idea was that removed “nobuild” area as on outside human base for somebody had losing main base and want to backup base, so I had an idea for making teleportation (we have teleportation build item) as well.

I made this new sound for MONO only, if I set to stereo mode as louder, that specific sound won’t work. But the weird things is that original creator can make stereo and it worked. I have no idea how his making process quite great. :confused:

Btw, I can either test playing stereo mode in-game mod by just replacing or need render again. If this 2 are not working for me, I’ll put amplify this sound for enough louder. :grimacing:

[color=red]EDITED:[/color] I took back to stereo mode by replace file and it worked for me. :slight_smile:

Yup, normally the creator made this purpose as forcing people to running way to inside. That’s why it’s fair mission. So I filtered for giving outside area to able to build it as backup or assistance.

Sure. I’ll capture this by layout and will revert to Main Entrance as human base. :wink:

Our earth’s standard gravity is 9.807 m/s², however Venus are 8.87 m/s², so Venus is slightly lighter than Earth.

In Tremulous, you can set gravity value in console color=red[/color] while in-game, the default of gravity is 800 (as Earth). If Pulse is based on Venus, I set slightly smaller value than default value as I told it.

Venus are basically on value as between 690 and 710. (only 0.94m/s² lighter than Earth, like only 8-9% off)

I already know it, I can revert back to it. :wink:

Would you like to take some screenshot for me? I can’t find some bugs without any evidences.

There’s nothing this path “pulse/drip_system” on any shader and particle files when I’m finding with using Notepad++.

I was mistake by writing version because I can’t figure out how mapping was exactly fine. Sorry about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thanks for appreciate it. :smile:


Nice work Billy, it is looking better than the original already :slight_smile: ! I’m looking forward to trying it out at today’s dev games. Something else to note, I got this particle system error:

ERROR: failed to register particle system pulse/drip_system
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Afaik, I still really confused about this error. I’ll find it out how was it. :confused:

And thank you for your encourage. :blush:

[color=red]EDITED:[/color] The path “pulse/drip_system” is removed on particle function since Revision 2 had made it.

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Updated 1st post. :thumbsup: :loudspeaker: :information_source:

Pulse layout is now available to download. :slight_smile:


@Code_Man was troubled for Pulse sound problem as he heard very loudly. So I will take it to reduce that sound volume or using another sound clip as same as this sound which have more clearly and not too much loudly instead.

If I fix this is success, I’ll bringing this mapping to Revision 3 very soon. :wink:


Updated 1st post. :thumbsup: :loudspeaker: :information_source:

Outside sound had slightly reduced with longer duration of sound clip.


Revision 3 is now available to play on the test7341 server.


[center] ===== Problems of Pulse RC1 (Rv. 3) =====[/center]

  • At vents under the bedrooms: Granger was unable to pass through by tight area.

  • Outside sound: @Code_Man was still in trouble of humming sound.

[color=red]EDITED:[/color] Problem solved. Released to Revision 4


Updated 1st post. :thumbsup: :loudspeaker: :information_source:


Since @Code_Man is still troubled for original sound, @dGr8LookinSparky was found a new sound for outside area. So I’ll replace it again. Also I’ll replace button sounds and “trigger_hurt” sound for new form. (Only partial, not entire).

Those new form of sounds was approved by @romdos with under CC-0 license. So I’ll push to Revision 5 as the last revision of period. :slight_smile:

[color=red]EDITED:[/color] By after Revision 5 will going to Release 1 (R1, not RC1)


Updated 1st post. :thumbsup: :loudspeaker: :information_source:

[color=red]NOTE:[/color] The vents is still unable for Granger pass through by testing. I will fix this and put it to R1


[center][color=5200CA]<><><><>[/color] Descriptions of [color=EFB900]Pulse[/color] [color=#DD0000]R1[/color] [color=5200CA]<><><><>[/color][/center]

1 - Inside telenodes were removed for restoring original Pulse likely.

2 - The vents under bedrooms is wider again.

3 - All ladders were made adjustment correctly.

4 - All “trigger_hurt” sound is entire replaced, but button sounds is still remain for partial.

5 - Other some minority features were fixed.

[color=red]EDITED:[/color] Released on 1st post


Updated 1st post. :thumbsup: :loudspeaker: :information_source:


Hi, I’m myself maintaining some maps (see my repositories), and Pulse was on my TODO list so I’m very happy to discover you’ve done some work on it! In fact I only did some entities rename at this time so I can easily drop what I’ve done to rebase on your work. :grinning:

Since pulse was distributed under cc-by-sa 2.5 and source for version 104 was there (soubok’s official repository), where can I find the source of your revision? It would be very handy if you fork soubok’s repository and commit your modification so anyone can browse the diff, but I can do it for you if you don’t know how git works. :wink: I just want to be sure your hard work is not lost because it drastically reduces future maintenance abilities without source.

Oh and by the way, why having reset the version number from 104 to 1? :open_mouth:


Hi! Nice to meet you. Thanks for knowing about my modification mapping. :smiley:

You can check my revision collection package files via Mediafire. (included layout) :slight_smile:

I didn’t have my own Github, but thanks for helping. :grin: :+1:

Because of the build version, they didn’t want to typing .bsp name with numbers in /devmap mode or voting consoles, also I’m afraid they will confused as why it does have build version or someone else.

Last at all, I was thinking many days, many times for how can be simplified without any trouble, so I removed build version as official name “pulse”. :wink:

Anyways, thank you very much for appreciate it. :blush:

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Oh, nice to keep those revision, but I found no one .map file in these archives?

I’ve noticed a missing texture by the way:


Oh sorry, I forgot the source of map.

I just uploaded my newest .map file at here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6t44yo2culx2t3l/pulse.map

The missing texture is only mushrooms, I still not sure how was happened. I checked at mapobjects folder inside had those models with textures, nothing problem.

Also inside my pk3 collections had including Pulse.txt for about change log descriptions. :wink:

So I hope you can find this bug for reason. :slight_smile:

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