UTCS UD - Development Thread

UTCS UD - Current Status

Intro: UTCS remake, attempt to release an UTCS map with better gameplay and improved visuals.

TITLE: UTCS UD (Ultra Definition)
AUTHOR: Matth (yalt), matth2040@gmail.com
VERSION/DATE: 4.3-final / 08.11.2015
GAME: Quake 3/Tremulous → GHub
SPECIFICS: Especially for Ghub servers but everyone is allowed to play this map on their pc or host it on their server/ provide a download link
SCREENSHOTS: http://i.imgur.com/BFBbkMW.jpg
DOWNLOAD Trem 1.1_v4.3: http://dl.grangerhub.org/base/map-utcsud_v4.3-final.pk3
[color=red]DOWNLOAD Trem 1.3_v1.1: http://dl.grangerhub.org/base/map-UTCSUD_1.3_1.1.pk3 [/color]

-back-rooms increased in size
-file size reduced
-doors fixed
-map reached final state | development finished
-level design changes
-additional door to center
-waterlayer removed
-1.1 client fix added
-file size reduced
-polycount reduced
-lighting update
-ex pack included
-clipping enhanced
-new level structures

Development Pipeline (ToDo-List):


Hey guys,
please report any issues/ideas regarding this map.

Sex. Thank you very much.

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i think if u want this map to be a huge success and great map u need to develop this list of things:
-space skybox
-rename map to mission_1337map2k15-hd-gmotwmod06

other than that it looks perfect lol :smiley:

Maybe it could use some windows/skylights?

My question is how do I go about downloading all the missing textures I currently have?

Which client do you use? You can find this infor in red text at the bottom right corner of your in-game console.

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Thanks guys, i will work on this.

New version released. See first post.


Version 4.2 has been added to the servers

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The stage doors (i.e. hs2 door, as2 door, etc.) go into the skybox area. You should make the doors go downwards instead of upwards just to be safe. At least one goes inside the map currently and at least one other is visible inside the skybox.

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Fix the doors, as menace said:

Also egg doesn’t fit but you might want to fix this:

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truly an amazing map i was pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of a space skybox :smile:

and nothing can compare to this map, not even the original UTCS. for example on UTCS you have a map or whatever. but on this amazing map, you have a map with new stage doors that open up into tiny rooms that only have one exit. it’s like UTCS, but with closets!!!

keep up the amazing mapping!!


Final release - see first post.


UTCS UD Version 4.3 Final, is now available on the servers.

Tremulous 1.3 Edition added.


Did you get a chance to fix the problems with the death cameras and getting stuck in the corner parts of those pipes that I mentioned to you regarding the version you gave me?

can u make it so those ladders on the edge of the platform bit in the middle go right to the ground at s3 or something? you can climb up poles in this map but not use the ladders

no because that would make humans even stronger than they already are in the middle area of utcsud.

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no it wouldn’t, human would be climbing up it then BANG headshot easy kill