Voting for the Next Map Durring Intermission

I have heard that a Tremulous mod was made that has next map votes presented as options during intermission at the end of matches. Does anyone recall which mod(s) implemented this feature, and if so, if/where the code can be found?


hmmmmm check cuboid…well idk…

I found this.

Oh. I was probably the one that told you.
It’s Aussie Assault’s QVM but I couldn’t find the patch in the source code provided on the internet. I don’t have any screenshots either.
But the interface sort of looks like this with the player ready to vote ATCS:

            Vote Next Map (29)
  Attack to go Up   Repair to go Down
               F1 to Vote
                (ATCS)  (0)
                 UTCS  (0)
                Tremor  (0)

and when when a vote is casted on UTCS, but the “cursor for voting” is placed on Tremor:

            Vote Next Map (25)
  Attack to go Up   Repair to go Down
               F1 to Vote
                 ATCS  (0)
                >UTCS<  (1)
               (Tremor)  (0)

The Brackets represent the “Cursor” on which the player is going to vote and the one with arrows around the >mapname< is the map that was voted.
Users are given about 30 seconds or until the vote is passed (more than 50% of votes on one map). Timer is shown somewhere but I can’t remember so it’s probably next to the “vote next map” title

Does that approach allow you to scroll through all of the maps on the map list? If so would that interface not become impractical if the server has on the order of 100 maps or more? If that is not the case, how is the set of votable maps determined?

That’s not necessary. Have a soft rotation which lists the most popular maps.

Speciality maps can be callvoted during the game.

ET had mods which did this very nicely. Since we would be needing a victory-like screen as in ET anyways for such voting, why not look over the Q3 hedge in ET’s backyard for idea’s?


Feel free to post screenshots and suggestions Breakz :slight_smile: .

I would have to play some ET :slight_smile: but sure

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