Weapons & Classes strategies and detailed guides [WIP]

This is under construction. This will serve as a summary for the guides. Each guide will be posted as a draft where everyone can contribute, and then locked into this topic when estimated to be good/finalized.

Just wanted to have this done and locked. Don’t pay much attention for now, will edit title when updated.

This is going to be a retardedly long thread composed of just tutorials, strategic guides and weapon/class analysis. Each guide is indeed huge as fuck but contains a lot of important information, such as statistics, usage tips and tricks, and also more in-depth strategic information such as positioning and strategies/tactics themselves.

Uh also links to drafts will be listed besides the striked empty link (see rifle below).

The guides are all made for 1.1, and will be adjusted/completed when 1.3 comes out.

#[color=#8000FF]~[/color] Newbies, before anything else…

Make sure to check the Basic guide/Strategic FAQ thread, which contains all of the basics you need to know for both teams.

#[color=#8000FF]~[/color] Alien damage calculation (incomplete)

Humans will take 50% of the damage when hit in legs, 100% in torso, and 200% in the head.

[color=fuchsia]The rest is rather blurry. If someone knows the armour modifiers and how locational damage works in details, PM me or post in the basic guide/strat FAQ thread.[/color]

#[color=#8000FF]~[/color] Summary

  • [color=55CCFF]Humans[/color]



  • [color=DD0000]Aliens[/color]



If you notice anything WRONG or needing adjustment, please report it on this thread, and if possible try to provide replacement information. You may also suggest us strategies/tactics to add on any class or weapon.

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