Well goodbye. :)

Well i think its time i move on from this game. 10 years of tremulous is far more enough for me. I’ve conquered tremulous in multiple ways. I am the best at everything and bird will always suck at this game. I need to start focusing on other things like my fiance and a career. Hope to see my childhood game somehow alive in the future. I will still be active on the forums. Bai :smiley:

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You will be missed @spamo.
Hope you do good thing on your life, and we expect you to come visit from time to time.
:punch: bro fist like pdp

Bye @Spamo i’m sure Tremulous will miss you.
Looks like we’ll need to find another TremGod.

Cough hint hint *<{dGr8LookinSparky, Nos Face, Alan


The Myth. The Legend. The god of Tremulous.

His physical form can no longer hold contain his blood-lust. He seeks ascension.

Gone, but never forgotten.



You will encounter the universal law of Tremulous at some point, you can’t leave Tremulous, you can only take breaks.

impossibru! Tremulous 4 life!

Or focus on getting your fiance and colleagues on Tremulous!

There are some new challenges coming up.

That is good to hear. As a heads up, you might decide to end your break from trem earlier when you see the updates here in the near future :wink: .

I wish you the best with your family and your carrier. We will be here when you are ready to come back from your break, and after that don’t forget that you need to train your lil lil Spamos to master Tremulous, besides also to have a happy and fulfilling life, but still most importantly to master Tremulous.

I’ll cya in-game again S00N3R™ or later @Spamo :slight_smile: !


Cough cough, Oblivion


10 years? I don’t recall you being on the scene for more than 8.

The truth is, your just afraid you’ll never reach my power level. When ur ready to get on my level, you know where to find me.

In the rare event that you are really leaving, adios thanks for invite to NoS, also telling everyone bout my hacks :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we both know, you’ll be back.

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Good luck in the future Spamo! We will miss you :frowning:
I hope to get lucky enough to speak with you back a gain someday ^^

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Fiance and career doesn’t implying that you have to live this game, just less hours to spend on it.
I will miss you man, was funny playing with you and against you. An hard opponent to fight :slight_smile:
Hope you will get in your RL what you would like to reach. CU!

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Am I supposed to give a reaction or just let this fat uneducated pile of borderline autistic shit go on his way?


Aweeee thanks bird. Just know ill always be more of a man than you <3 I hope to see you irl so I can teabag you.

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lol bird get on my meme level

@spamo bye felecia

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@Bird Lets be real here, Spamo isn’t just a person. It is a lifestyle we all strive for. We all seek to be the very best and he is the best of the best. Have you seen his highscore?

2460 kills at 326 ping. Even unlagged couldn’t hold his power level back. The rest of the alien tream ragequitted before Spamo pushed himself out into the real world, unzipped his 50-inch cock and smashed their mothers until they start ricocheting babies out of their wombs as the time limit hit. When he said he is better then you, it wasn’t just a insult. It is an objective fact, just as the sky is blue, Spamo is simply better than all of you.

I know its frustrating and the first reaction is rejection, but you will understand. The archangel of god will fly down to your bed at night, caress your head as you sleep and whisper: “Spamo is the best Tremulous player ever and they will never find the body you buried in 2011”. Granted that most people don’t mix milk with their LSD before going to sleep, but I assure you that this is the honest truth.

How is Spamo, so good, you ask? Well, I happen to be a SPAM EXPERT™ and after doing 2 years of intensive research siphoning the donations from the GrangerHub coffers, I finally figured it out. Russia. In 1962, Russia launched it’s first Kosmos satellite under the Soviet Union as part of the Cold War interests. Spamo has killed exactly 2460 aliens. The connection? Kosmos 2460 was released in 2010. It really is quite simple. The satellite was designed to shoot beta rays to give Spamo super-human reflexes from space. Spamo was a Russian-engineered, Putin-backed, Soviet-funded super human designed to be cloned against an alien invasion created by the CIA as a diversion for 9/11 and Tremulous is simply a simulation to flex his potential to save the world from super powers controlled by the Illumenati.

TL;DR: Spamo born to be better than you. Better than all of us. Understand it. Accept it. Love it.


My god you’re a genius. @bird you really shouldn’t take every insult I give you so personal you should work on that. I’ve noticed that if someone has Insulted your tremulous skills or something about you that has to do with this game. 99% of your insults that you fire back with are personal insults. This amount of rage that goes through your head is not good for you m8. No deb8 r8 8/8 can’t retali8. Good luck to you bird. Don’t be so hard on yourself you still look like you can be useful to this world in my eyes. I hope


Bye spamo. You cool dude. Going to miss. :cry:

using personal insults is the only way that non-creative people can feel that they caused damage to their opponent without the use of their imagination. it’s the easy way out.
amirite or AMIRITE
hi rohan

memes dude, memes


if u insist


who will teach us now? who will guide us now? left alone in the dark? with no master? if the darkest and scariest part of my brain is correct and you indeed plan to quit, can we at least have the slightest shadow of hope that some day, the beautiful day, you come down to us once again to teach us? maybe at that time we will finally be ready to listen and comprehend at least a friction of your knowledge. by no means to become nor replace you. plz give us only enough to ascend. however if, in all your wisdom, you decide to leave us in dark ages forever and never come back, be sure you will not be forgotten. we will tell about you our sons. and sons of our sons. tales of your glory will spread throughout the earth. trees will whisper about your frags, rocks will sing about your aim, wind will cry cause you’re not here. and when our sun is about to die, the reminiscence of you will give mankind strength to push our limits and thrive. we will bring your name to the stars. and aeons later there will be no empire, race nor galaxy not worshipping you. all entities will realise you’re the meaning of life and you’re the answer to all the questions. and then, when last black hole evaporates and last proton breaks down, the universe will be dying roaring your name until time cease to exist.

all the best, man