What if a granger opened a bar

Idea: add a bar structure! If you look at it as a human, you’ll experience nasty effects over time:

  • Your field of view will be reduced.
  • Your screen will darken and start shaking.
  • Lots of colorful, ever-changing words “BEER” will start filling your screen.

The only way to stop this is to wait it out (medistation helps) or buy beer from a bar (costs 1000 credits).


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Different ideas deserve different topics for more focused brainstorming, this is why we have a whole category for this :wink: .

Regarding the beer, if a human were to buy a beer, perhaps have it so that the human receives reduced fall damage and reduced pounce damage, since he/she would be loosened up a bit and be able to absorb shocks better?

Beer is bad for you, lets not influence it on our young audience that might play Trem, we don’t want them jumping off buildings because you’d loosen up. :wink:

Also, if we were to really do this, beer would only have downsides other than the fact that you’d “feel” less damage so, maybe take less damage?


Bullets, grenades, explosions,claws, and sharp teeth can also be hazardous to one’s health.

Howabout how you can survive the fall of any height if you wear a light armor vest :wink: ?


That’s nothing compared to plado, very deadly.

We should factor in bone breaking lol.


Tremguy walks into a Granger bar, and walks up to the bartender.

The Granger says: What will it be?

Tremguy says: COME ON!

The Granger puts the whiskey bottle down, hops onto the bar, and spits right in TremGuy’s face, covering his eyes and mouth in sticky goo.

TremGuy reels back, wipes his eyes, spits some goo onto the ground, and shouts: “What was that for?”

The Granger hops down from the bar, and whispers:

(TODO: Insert a punchline, suggest something below)

  1. For being mean to green?
  2. The bastard who killed my family cried the same words?
  3. No humans allowed?
  4. It’s the comeonest drink in this parts of space?

Now you are thinking big with your head, at least you took some time to actually add some visual’s to it which pulled my interest. (even just by adding the story that may relate to nothing it’s pulled my interest to read more as well as the picture might just be for jokes but still)