What is YOUR favourite map of all time?

Mine is Tremor.

Why? Because:

  • Look at that shit. It invokes everything Tremulous wanted to be: dark, brooding and empty
  • It had box rooms, it had vegetation, it had hallways, it had vents, it had open spaces, just a huge variety of enviroments in a single map
  • Human bases are the worst when cramped and Alien bases are the worst when its in a large area. Tremor forced the default bases to suck, incentive players to risk building alternate bases
  • Fights start fast because neither base was too far away from each other, but just far enough to have people attack from different areas
  • Its fun to play on

What about you? Whats YOUR favourite map? All maps are welcome.

mine is A.T.C.S. :slight_smile:

Except that one.

I think my favorite map is Orion because it was always on the main gpp server when I played that. It was like the ATCS of gpp.

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U.T.C.S. and Urbanp2

ATCS2YB - “ATCS after Tremulous’ Death”

ATCSHD. Except the fact I get slightly worse framerate on it.Chuck’s OTHER WORLD - OMFG I spent my best two years on trem with this map
TremShip - Reminds me of Stargate. There’s an actual stargate map in tremulous but it’s shit.
UTCS - Final edition. The B2 lacks the middle ceiling bunker.
Metro - Realistic French metropolis subway, assumed to be made by someone who didn’t actually play tremulous for very long and used some mapping client that isn’t GTK it seems.
GMOTW’s Skybox

Some other favourites:
Granger Cannon
Powerplant, or was that Powergrid? Can’t remember.
Ancient Remains (I get bad framerate on it though)
GMOTW’s ATCSRAPED: Double the Width, Half the Fun!
Operation Blackout
Highrise Beta 6 (highrise9) - because of the fword easter… but that’s it really
paint7 - unique
Kaiji Starside Hotel (Best with the zombie mod, not really suitable for standard tremulous though due to fact humans can win easier)
House - Dubbed “My House” - Good for zombie hunting, not that good for tremulous
[forgot name] - Good for the Ambush mod
Chuck’s Bedtime
Blue Dragon
dretch cannon

cruz exports
Beyond Derelict
Diomedes - Good for team duels
elements… maybe? I don’t know why but I recall good memories from this map, and I think they were on the first cuboid server
ethereal… maybe?
flap - fap
gamma core… perhaps
giangensurf - randomly generated shit
GMOTW’s piano lessons - comes with basic automated in-game-programmable drum machine
groundsource - kinda horribly unbalance
hard landing/rush_human_a2 - best mission map that doesn’t require AMP
Mercy - Unique looking
Night of the Living Dead - Instagib only
Over The Hill… because it looks nice
Chuck’s Portalb1 - First Tremulous map to include heavy rain effects… and they’re pretty good if you ask me
snowvalley3 - good for pbot ambush but I have horrible framerate
Specula - with an artillery gun that fires when humans win
strafserie_b - hardest 1.1 dretch strafing map
HotJumps (sadly I don’t have the latest version with the Marauder and Humans jump set) - The closest to a proper defrag map I’ve seen in Tremulous I guess… The version I have has a borked section which is impossible to win unfortunately
BCS - Counterstrike BS
teleport temple - In Memory of DraZiLoX - unfortunately my name didn’t get stamped in the map but oh well.
Two Towers - Nostalgic. I actually didn’t like it that much tbh
Thermal - Funny thing is that I didn’t know it had teleporters until I’ve had it for about half a year.
Xmas - wait, was that really made by powerpro nederlands?
z_kronos - Very spammy
Tremulous Tower Defence Wars - Balanced with about 300 BP both teams
zelda world
nameless alpha - pretty bleak but it’s actually good.
z_slide - spam grenades, get over 9000 kills in half an hour, legit

I still like ATCSHD or basically any ATCS variant basically because it is familiar and you can enjoy a game without having to search for places to move base to.
I liked also staratcs because it’s dark and very alien like although I have not had a chance to play it.
I like Orion because of teh giant grangur.
I also like procyon because it’s big and good for a large number of players.


Really? I always thought the look of this map was a tribute to “StarShip Troopers”.

Anyway Tremor and Procyon have always been two of my favorites.

I would have to say Treecannon because its a classic MD map. Very fun with a lot of people! :slight_smile: Nintendo Land is pretty bad ass as well…

I would guess my favorite map is Niveus.
Primarily, because it’s so large. It has all sorts of different rooms, several passageways running across its length, a lot of different places to hide. Also, it’s the only really big map I actually know my way around on :wink:

Secondarily, because it looks so cool! At least half the map is shadowy, it has a dozen long hallways and an enormous stair, unusual and interesting objects (the computer being merely one example) sitting in corners, many different styles of room, etc…

The only thing it is missing that all Trem maps should have, are hidden passages dotted around. The more the better. But Niveus is so good already, it doesn’t even need them to be my favorite map.

What? Strategy, you say? This is a mapping section, dude, not a session of Napoleon and his tactical advisors. :wink:

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You should try niveus_gmotwmod02, we have it on both the test7341 server and on GrangerPub.


  • A vent that goes under the entire map.
  • Big whilst also not human bias.
  • Unique textures including working mirrors and slimy slidey goo.
  • Interesting base locations.
  • Lots of hidden areas for aliens.
  • Cool name.

Niveus and UTCS are my homes.

You’re all wrong.

Mission_one_b7 and mission-impossible all the way.


I like arachnide because there is a lot of place for dretchs to hide and ambush their preys :smirk:

arachnid is good because i can camp as a human in many places for hours

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lol camper XD

Mission_One_B7, Mission_Edge, ATCS and Karith are my personal favourites right now.

Arachnid, niveus and atcs for me

Preferences update: I also like 1984b.
It’s a big map. It’s a really big map, but it doesn’t have the “feel” of a big map. It has tons of alternate routes between any two points and is full of obstacles for dodging around.

And, of course, it has excellent looks, which we all know is the main deciding factor in playability :wink:

– rlb

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