Which platform and architecture do you play Tremulous on?

To best determine what kinds of builds we should support for the Tremulous 1.3 client, the installer/launcher/updater, and the pre-release client, please select which platform(s) architecture(s) you currently play Tremulous on. You can select up to 5 options if you play Tremulous on multiple devices.

  • Mac OS X (32 bit)
  • Mac OS X (64 bit)
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista (32 bit)
  • Windows Vista (64 bit)
  • Windows XP (32 bit)
  • Windows XP (64 bit)
  • Linux Ubuntu (32 bit)
  • Linux Ubuntu (64 bit)
  • Linux Debian (32 bit)
  • Linux Debian (64 bit)
  • Linux Gentoo (32 bit)
  • Linux Gentoo (64 bit)
  • Linux Fedora (32 bit)
  • Linux Fedora (64 bit)
  • FreeBSD (32 bit)
  • FreeBSD (64 bit)
  • Some other platform/architecture not listed above (please indicate in a post)

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(Any) Linux distro and Windows 7 x64.

Anything else is degeneracy.

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@dGr8LookinSparky we can build static builds for linux and scrub the need for independant linux distro’s.

All window’s builds should work the same, I usually build 32 and 64bit for this platform when using mingw for the build chain.

I disagree.

Anyone who uses Ubuntu has a good chance of being new to Linux and wants an EZPZ installer. Atleast throw one in for them.

Wat r u talk’n bout

who the hell is voting for FreeBSD

dont be talkin shit

or risk gettin hit

I can tell Sparky made this poll. Who in their right mind plays on 5 DIFFERENT FUCKING OPERATING SYSTEMS.

Probably hoping Linux gets picked more?

The poll makes no sense. The %'s don’t add up to 100? What?

To be fair, Linux is far more fragmented than Windows, so I’m not surprised Sparky added voting options for those to gauge interest across distros.

However as BlowFish brought up:

we can build static builds for linux and scrub the need for independant linux distro’s

It seems the percentages are determined by giving an equal wait to each vote of each voter. At the time I make this post, there are 20 voters, which means the weight is 5% for each vote. So if 6 people vote for a particular option, the value associate with that option would be 6 times 5%, or in other words 30%.

static builds is one thing, but what i miss currently the most is just a working master branch and fully automated / documented build pipeline. i tried to clone and build but there is no instructions, make is not enough, some folders have to be copied from somewhere, and this knowledge is missing. a good practice is give a link to the repo to an outsider and tell him to build the app without any additional ‘and remember to …’

My all PCs are Windows 8.1, but I had Windows 10 in my laptop only.

Also I hope those programs will compatible like Windows 7, but Ubuntu also have it because I like Ubuntu! :smiley: :wink:

@newb where is this repo everyone is talking about? The GH Gitlab repos have some documentation that I have been developing, but I don’t think those are released to public yet.

They add up to 173%, kek

Retarded indeed

It’s because it’s multiple votes per person. The percentage indicated is a % of participants choosing that option, not the % in relation to other options.

It’s now clear (if it wasn’t before) a W7/W10 build should be priority.

I’m not surprised. Windows 7 is pretty stable and those who moved on took the Windows 10 upgrade. It’ll be interesting to see how another poll in the future works out.

i’m talking about this one: Installing trem on intel 64bit ubuntu 14.04 - #4 by blowFish

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We no need create clients manually for winxp/vista/7/8/10

MinGW build of Trem works in all Windows.


But problem is, those all people doesn’t like Vista because it’s shitty, also XP is already 15 years old and now obsoleted, so we are mostly at least Windows 7 or later for both 32-bit/64-bit, and other OS will be support for Mac, Linux and Ubuntu for also both 32/64 bit.

So I hope you stop wasting to do for old OSes. And yes, that will support for all Windows, but must take discussion about Tremulous 1.3 project for that will going support what kind of OS and what kind of source engine to make launcher/installer.

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