Why do i not see any servers?

i used to play tremulous back in the day. I decided to get back into it but i don’t see any servers. is it dead? if so, how should i go about making a server as good as they used to have back in the day?

Apparently you must be having some kind of issue with the list. Just do /connect us1.grangerhub.org:30720 for the time being, people who know better about this than me will probably answer in a bit.

The master list is currently down for some players so please try and connect manually by opening your console and using the above command Maejong provided.

/connect us1.grangerhub.org:30720

oh ok. im kinda new to all this :slight_smile:

Yeah since apparently some routes to the master server are being G4Y all you can do for the time being is wait and use /connect manually. It’ll solve itself on its own in a bit.

ok thanks m8s