Wishing to everyone for celebrating Chinese New Year

Hey guys! Today is a brand new celebrating [color=red]Chinese New Year[/color] for wishing all [color=green]G[/color][color=cyan]Hub[/color] members and admins to good luck and healthy!

Traditional Chinese

Simplified Chinese


Happy new chinese year! I just realized today is the first day of 2016 chinese year. Btw, when is going to be the snake’s year?

Edit: Omg it was on 2014, so the next one is going to be in 2026…

The Year of Snake as last recent is 2013, and the Year of Goat is 2015 as last recent, so it will be come back again by 12 years later. :wink:

My chinese astrological sign is doge.

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Happy new year Mao!

This thread is severely lacking in quality Chinese dramas.

Happy new years you Chinese fucks. Please don’t nuke Canada once you’ve taken over the world. :quake:

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