A great forum!

I just registered and wanted to say hey to everyone, considering I just got back to Trem a month ago. I usually go by “TheEvoker.^Fk” and I just now got around to getting on the forum.

So far, what I see looks real good. Nice job guys.

I look forward to reading through the topics.



can’t you see?

this is all me bae bee

gg no re

(Disregard all other GrangerHub personnel, they are nerds.)

Welcome home. :sunglasses:

Who are you? Have we met before? @Rekove

Hi dad @Rekove welcome to the forums!


btw, welcome evoker ive seen you in-game

Welcome to the GrangerHub forums @Rekove :smiley: !

Glad to have another one aboard.

Sup, welcome


Welcome to Granger Hub Evoker!

Hey Evoker! Glad you finally joined us on the forums.