Activatable slots for humans

This will help humans compete with the modular aliens and consolidate the control scheme.

There are 4 activatable slots, associated with the keys 1, 2, 3, 4.

1 is the primary weapon
2 is the secondary weapon
3 is the miscellaneous utility
4 is the medical utility

Humans spawn by default with:

1 rifle, 2 blaster, 3 construction kit, 4 medkit

primary weapon

Stays as-is (sans the pain saw).

secondary weapon

  • Blaster (free).
  • Pain Saw (100) - with limited ammo of course.
  • Grenade (200) - now with the ability to wait for the timer to go down before throwing.

miscellaneous utility

  • Construction Kit (free).
  • Dissection Kit (free) - allows you to dissect aliens for usable parts.
  • Non-combat deployables.

alien parts

  • Meat (from all aliens; can be sold for money to Chinese restaurants)
  • Carapace fragments (from advanced dragoons and tyrants; can be sold for money)
  • Venom (from dretches and aliens with poison; can be sold for money)
  • Healing serum (from healer aliens; can grant temporary healing aura or be sold for money)
  • Electric pearls (from electric aliens; can enhance battery packs or be sold for money)
  • Dragoon horns (in the future, rhinos are nearly extinct and poachers now sell dragoon horns as rhino horns; can be sold for Mafia protection which gives you a chance to steal items from armouries)

medical utility

  • Medkit (free) - heals you, refilled at medistations.
  • Berserk Kit (100) - instantly heals you when activated and temporarily grants you increased speed and allows your health to go down to negative 100. If your health is negative when it runs out, you die.

Hm, with so many additions, I think it will be great to have a wheel selection for misc items. This will help, since if alien parts will replace your medical or misc utility, dissecting aliens won’t be as productive.
But I really love the idea of using alien parts!
Bravo, Maestro! :smile: