Add deathrun?

Hello, I’m here for ask to add deathrun_bX, X>=36. [poll public=true]

  • Let’s try
  • Bad map

I dont think puzzle maps should go on grangerpub, but grangerclub more so.
Deathrun is a difficult and problematic map for people who like normal gameplay.
As i dont play on grangerpub, i dont have an opinion on this.
The latest version is B54 btw.

Also this thread actually belongs in the server section if i am not mistaken.


Ture, deathrun is a difficult map but is really funny. The map is the same kind of “mission1” or “kanji Hotel” or “tremship”, so what’s the matter? This poll got 12 F1 and 4 F2 atm. Seems passed :slight_smile:

points of view

I’m still waiting for deathrun on GP …

Deathrun version beta 53 edge fix 4 is added to GrangerPub