Add JavaScript!

This game has become boring, it’s the same thing over and over again. I think it needs some kind of scripting. JavaScript scripting could allow people to add more map-specific gimmicks, or possibly even make single-player or co-op maps with custom enemies. (I wouldn’t mind Haskell, especially that it will probably going to stop being a toy very soon, but I don’t think the purity is worth reducing the modder-base).

For example, a map could have a script like this:

Player.setInterval(seconds(10), function () {
  if ( == TEAM_HUMANS
      && this.beenAtMcDonalds
      && Math.random() < 0.05) {
      cause: 'MCDONALDS',
      obituary: '%player% fell prey to junk food he bought at McDonalds.',
      sound: [ 'sounds/argh', 'sounds/ugh' ]

    this.showTextMessage(Math.random() < 0.5 ? "Heart attack!" 
                                             : "Botulism!");

Someone should show similar sample Squirrel scripting snippets / syntax so somebody’s satisfied.

Haskell has hardly had honors here.

Lastly, LUA looks lonely lately.

i don’t think what js making some new NEXT-GEN features…

i disagree that idea…for it need add into engine JS compiler-inteprertator…

that make bad for all who have ram less that 128 mb…
that make big difference beetwen new and old trem.

What then? C#?