Admin Application

Im aplying For lv.2 Admin On Granger Pub server and my Name is [LGF]Ifeed :slight_smile: Ihope ill Get lv.2 admin :slight_smile:

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I am against this, I had to warn him sometimes.

I actually kinda like the fact that you made an application for level 2 even if what Ghost said is correct.

I have never had to !warn you as of yet, and I havenโ€™t seen others do it. I donโ€™t know whether or not this will pass but props to you for even applying for votekick protection.

Hi @macosx10.5.8 ([LGF]ifeed). Welcome to the forums.

Firstly, I want you to know that a level 2 status is NOT an admin level, it is just a regular player vote inmunity.
Secondly, a level 2 request needs to be done with some evidence regarding WHY you NEED this vote inmunity, for example: screenshots of constant kick/mute/spec votes against you without valid reasons explaining what happened and/or condumps about those events. For example, Level 2 have been granted to people who play trem very good(skill) and people tend to vote against it for โ€œhackingโ€. Some other reasons are valid too.
Lastly, be sure to read the Server Rules, Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.