Admin levels on GrangerClub

I have recently cleaned up the admin levels on GrangerClub and many were demoted/purged for various reasons. If you were demoted and/or feel you deserve an admin level on GrangerClub please PM me or post in this thread (any off-topic or inappropriate posts will be removed).

Any who belong to the following groups will be considered for a promotion to L3 (basic scrim management commands):

  • Any clan members who belong to a registered clan
  • Upstanding members of the community who are neither a GrangerPub admin, or a registered clan member

Any admins on the Pub server (L3+) who have no GrangerClub level are entitled to their corresponding level on GrangerClub. Admins may see whether they currently have an admin level on GrangerClub by checking this thread.

You will only be given an admin level if you:

  • Belong to one of the above categories
  • Register with your in-game/forum name on the server
  • Post in this thread/PM me, informing me of your registered name

Anyone who doesn’t fulfill all 3 of these requirements will not be given an admin level and may have their post deleted from this thread.


Corresponding or one level lower?

It will depend on the person. People will be set at their appropriate/equivalent level (possibly higher/lower/the same, depending on the person/level).


What are you waiting for to give me full rigth? Anyway I don’t even know how to use admin cmd ^^

I was completely demoted on GrangerClub Scrim Server.

@Ckit had given me L4, but right after he left and the next map loaded, I was L3 again.

Anyone care to explain what is going on?


Registered name: Dark
Admin level pub: L5

Currently my admin is L4 GPub, same as GClub, but I’m sorry I forgot to stay active in GClub and I hope you’ll understand.

Also my registered name is BillyRazOr

As I said in the first post, I went through and cleared out all admins whose names weren’t recognisable. If you register with the name ‘Sonic’ (or some variation of this, making it clear who you are) I will go and setlevel you.

You are currently L4 on the GrangerClub server.

Setleveled at L5.

Setleveled at L4.


Registered name: LSD|Dracone
Level on pub: 4


Registered name on Pub : .Meta.Staze.
Registered name on Club : Bounty
Level on GrangerPub : 5

Registered name on Pub: {$}Blizz&Truth
Registered name on Club: {$}Blizz&Truth
Level on GrangerPub: 5

Setleveled tomahawk to 3. PM me if you need details @L9Admins

Registered name on Pub: MegaMedic
Registered name on Club: MegaMedic
Level on GrangerPub: 4

There are no admins registered with that name on Club. Please re-register and post here again.

I’m under >[KoR]<Frisqy.ViruS as usual, however I’m level 1 on it (re-registered two or three months ago).

GPub: lvl9 (despite being a co-founder, but whatever)

Setleveled at L7.

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Registered name on Club server: Punky.
Registered name on Pub server: Lightning.
I was level 3 on club, and gave good use. I would appreciate the admin to set up scrims and things like that :).

Set at L3.

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