Admins gone wild

I just want to say, as a shitty abusing admin myself, it seems like the grangerpub administration is becoming corrupt and unjust. also, can someone remove my ban on pub? idk what a basenade is but i didnt do that

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Please elaborate.

As it is a 3day ban.
I’d like to request @ssingh9 for the evidence of the ban as protocol.
Sounds fair enough right? If there is the evidence the ban shall stand.

i think the fact that many admins seem to use the spirit of the law to justify their bans or ban out of spite is lame. also why does ghub need like one thousand admins to run the server. i just googled basenade, and if someone wanted to basenade it would be impossible to do so with all these admins online. wth?

i agree with hobbit as well, where is the evidence? does ssingh even use the forums? i didnt even get a trial

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Don’t feed it m8

He didn’t follow the report protocol and is posting in the wrong section, so it’ll stand anyway.

if i put it in the proper section can u remove it babe?

Fair enough, Si please make a correct formatted post in the correct section and they will look into it properly.

Ban will remain