Hello, I’m not sure about if this the right place for this post, btw … I’m asking a timeout system for the afkers/inactivity. yesterday I found 3 times “>haze” (black and white name) afk in a team with few aliens vs a huge number of humans. He was afk for 20 minutes, then I called the vote for spec him, vote passed and we won :smiley:
Second game, haze came back and played for the first 4-5 minutes then he afked, after the 15th minute he still was afk and I called again the vote for spec, this didn’t passed and we lost. (well we played not really good but this sure helped the other team for sure). Same thing happened the third time. So please fix this thing.
PS I’m not sure about the name of this afker but the important thing is the fix of this system. I can do it but I need the whole code for this :slight_smile:

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He is the very known italian Hard4Ever. Yeah he sometimes goes AFK. But i don’t think this is a huge problem.

I do agree that if a lot of players go afk on one team at a time it might be bad, but you’re saying since haze went afk, you guys lost. That sounds a bit funny.

3 vs 5 is really easy :slight_smile:

This is a neat 1.3 feature :wink:

If this is causing unfair game or unbalance maybe something can be done?

rcz unlimited did have an inactivity timer that would spec players that were “inactive” for X amount of time. A problem it had though was how sensitive it was with detecting inactivity. it would only determine activity based on the movement keys, it would not factor in change in view angles nor sending of commands/chat from the client. It was also possible to make the inactivity detection too sensitive where typing even without the client’s window being in focus would be detected, and in such situations you are not playing nor focusing on the game.

I did implement an improved version that is on the test7341 server that factors those things in. I might look into applying that feature on GrangerPub when I have some extra available time.

Rohan used to do this. I find this usually happens when the person in question starts to perform badly or the other team is stacked, do your team a favor and spec yourself instead of occupying a slot on x team while contributing NOTHING. This triggers me.

Well, things do come up irl while we go afk, and maybe you think you might only be away for a minute but take longer. There are some inconveniences to going spec, like missing out on timed evos/credits, or wasting the evos you have spent on the current alien you are using. Perhaps there are non-gameplay impacting ways those inconveniences could be addressed?

Although I normally don’t care about this issue myself, I have noticed it happen several times and think this feature would be a nice addition. (Even though I have been guilty of this once or twice when life becomes more important than Trem :s) This feature would always make a team win or lose but sometimes it might and it’s really just common courtesy. That said, I know nothing about coding so I couldn’t help with that but I do have some ideas:

Perhaps, in addition to the work you are doing, there could be a warning message sent to the player in question before action is taken. Kind of like a failsafe so they know what is about to happen and correct it.

There is likely a much better solution that I am unaware of, but if the player is kicked from the server rather than specced, they can at least keep the credits/evos they already earned and spot on the team they were in if they rejoin before that game ends. Another benefit is, there can be a message waiting for them when they get back explaining what happened and that they can rejoin.

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There is already a 10 second warning that shows up as center print :slight_smile: .