Alien Health Reserve System

We just implemented a new health reserve system for aliens. It works somewhat similar to the build point reserve system in concept. Besides the regular health, aliens also have a reserve health that decreases when the regular health regenerates. Unlike the reserve bp system, however, the health reserve does regenerate, but at a very slow rate over time (provided the alien has full health). The health reserve can also increase from killing enemies. Once the health reserve reaches 0, the regular alien health then regenerates at the same slow rate of the alien’s health reserve, even if the alien is near any creep, boosters, or basilisks.

The alien health reserve system is planned to only be included in the Swirl Game Mode. This feature is now available on the test7341 server for testing.

Currently the maximum health reserve amount is twice the maximum health of each given alien class, the health reserve regen rate is one ninth of the “inside of creep” health regen rate of each given alien class, and the health reserve increase from killing enemies is one sixteenth of the maximum health reserve of each given alien class. For these tests we also changed the out of creep regular health regen rate to one half half of the inside of creep health regen rate.