Ambush Game Mode

Anyone remember the “Ambush” gamemode/QVM?

Not having the slightest clue how servers or for that matter server mods work I thought I’d come here and see if any of the devs know how to easily set up an Ambush server? Is this feasible? It would be great to play this mode again and I’m sure a lot of people would enjoy it.

I ran an ambush server briefly. Pretty sure you just need the ambush QVM with a compatible map/layout. I imagine it will gain some players but eventually dwindle off and become a waste of time/resources.

Also, it may sound selfish but it will take away players from the main vanilla game mode which often doesn’t get enough activity & attention as it is.

I forget if this one uses paths, but if it does you have to manually set paths for the bots on each map you want to use… I believe there were more advanced bot QVMs though.

This and also it isn’t that interesting to play actually. Most people get bored very fast.

On the ambush compatible maps I did not have to set pathing.

Pathing the bots manually is fucking cancer

It’s good… allows to override the usually extremely shitty stock AI that comes with them.

Except that half the time they completely break if you have more than 4 bots and just sit in their base jumping.

Depends what QVM you use. There’s like 5 or 6 different ones… iirc pbot didn’t have that problem for example.