Announcing the testing of the pre-alpha version of the GrangerHub's STELLAR PREY™ video game

GrangerHub is proud to announce the beginning of the new Free and Open Source game project, Stellar Prey. GrangerHub’s STELLAR PREY™ game is a first person strategy shooter that chronicles the conflict between human technology vs extraterrestrial nature, a conflict waged by construction, team coordination, and epic combat. Help shape the course of your species together towards the top of the stellar food chain, or be the prey together on the road towards extinction. Which path will you and your species choose to take? It’s a universal tale of survival vs death, and of order vs chaos, as old as life itself.

Pure engine capabilities.

  • Only 64bit versions of the operating systems are supported and only Unix and Windows builds are supported at this moment
  • Auto-update system. Easiest way for everyone to update game client. With opening game, engine check if there is a new version, if there is, it will show message and the client can download and install new version.
  • Authentication system.
  • New based on tab’s in-game console system.
  • All assets and maps are compressed differently then other forks of the idTech3 engines, and with that you cannot simply copy-paste it from other games and try. New compression is much better then old ZIP.
  • Multiple language in-game support (support for other languages).
  • etc…

List of engine GPU features and capabilities. Graphical features - Anamorphic blur, Bloom, Bokeh blur, Depth blur, Depth of field, Dynamic lighting, FXAA, Gaussian blur, Lens flare, SSAO (Screen space ambient occlusion), SSGI (Screen space global illumination), HDR (High-dynamic-range) with Tone mapping and auto-exposure, PBR (Physically-based rendering), Vibrancy, HDR lightmaps, Cascaded shadow maps, Texture up-sampling, GPU vertex skinning

Uploaded at MEGA cloud storage
[Pre-Alpha development build]link removed

In the zip file (StellarPrey - PreAlpha are all the assets and files what I compiled from the GitHub repo (except from the textures, textures are meant to be used only for internal testing and no-one can redistribute them or use them in any other way).

Known bugs :

  • Engine bugs
    Few memory leaks on the Unix platform.
    While moving renderer into thread “screenshot” command don’t work correctly (user need to press xyz times in order to get engine to write screenshot into folder).

GitHub Engine repository

  • Game logic
    Crash while opening the door or entering the elevator.

GitHub Game Logic repository

  • Game assets
    Mixing of ogg and wav sound files.
    Game assets are used from Tremulous 1.1.0, Tremulous 1.2 GPP and if I am not wrong from Tremfusion.
    Menu’s (both system menus and in-game). Menu system (except from the frontpage) is based on “Oticz” work for Tremulous 1.1., some menus are working, others need update.

GitHub Gamedata repository

Master server, GUID Authentication server and Dedicated server are up and running at

In-game photos

P.S. For people with better GPU what I have, they can exec /ultra.cfg inside the console and enjoy all eye-candy features of the new engine


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Testing was over :slight_smile: