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ATCS 2015 - Current Status

Intro: A.T.C.S remake, attempt to release an ATCS map with better performance and improved visuals.

TITLE: ATCS 2015 (formerly known as ATCS EDGE or ATCS 2013)
AUTHOR: Matth (yalt),
VERSION/DATE: 3.2-final / 09.11.2015
GAME: Quake 3/Tremulous → GHub
SPECIFICS: Especially for Ghub servers but everyone is allowed to play this map on their pc or host it on their server/ provide a download link

-nobuild area extended
-map reached final state | development finished
-no build-area at big fence added
-hurt zone is now set to 5hp
-new textures added
-level design changes, the area beyond the big fence is now reachable but hurts players 1hp/sec
-highres. lightmaps removed / normal lightmaps added (to support players who don’t even reach the minimum requirements for this game)
-new sounds added
-1 map model removed
-lighting changes
-polycount reduced
-skybox optimized
-‘Buritto bug’ fixed
-lighting changed
-stars/skybox changed
-cub. vis issue fixed
-invisble planes on forcefield barrier fixed
-‘Menace13-Bug’ fixed
-minor texture changes
-level geo. changes
-bunker: barrel removed and gasobject moved, all objects now solid
-tunnel center: all objects are now solid
-all lights are now non_solid
-vis optimizations removed to support radar (Urgh!)
-skybox changed (can only fully experienced with gpp1 client or newer clients)
-texture fixes and changes
-brushwork changes
-1.1 client problems fixed (steam, texture errors)

Development Pipeline (ToDo-List):


I’m loving the visual effects of it so far, its a huge improvement from the original atcs. As far as performance/playability wise I’ll have to play it more before i can make any suggestions. keep up the good work man, I’m loving it so far.

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I’m willing to change things when it does make sense so at this point i want to talk about the VIS/Radar problem.
If i remove some of the hint brushes that causes this problem it will have a negative effect on the performance. If this is the case then complaining about performance makes no sense in the future. We have to make a sacrifice so what do you want?

Clipping: please do a screenshot of the problematic areas.

non-boxes: I think its a funny idea to let dretches hide in there but if you want to change that im fine with that but make a decision.

One of the big annoying spots for VIS is in the cubbies of alien/human base; you can’t see things above you if they are slightly further in than the edge of the cubby, so you can’t even see people at the entrance to alien base from in the cubby.

As for clipping, every single light on the walls and the ceilings (specifically the ceiling of the cubbies) should be non-solid or indented. It is problematic because people can get stuck on the lights when trying to move along the wall, and the lights on the walls can also mess up pounce. The lights on the ceilings of the cubbies can mess up wallwalk when trying to get from the bottom to above if you walk over it too quickly/at a bad angle (not sure what causes it, but being non-solid would fix it). The two options are either add a layer of invisible caulk over them that is flesh with them so people can’t get stuck on them or just shrink them and make them non-solid. Either option is fine, although if you make an invisible layer of caulk you should probably make the lights thinner so it doesn’t make the hallway/bases significantly thinner. You can also jump on the lights and even build on them, which is pretty pointless and just annoying.

Besides the lights being bumpy and annoying, I can’t think of anything that needs clipping off the top of my head.

Idk, I’m somewhat on the fence regarding the boxes. It is an interesting concept to give aliens another way to surprise humans. Human could always fire a shot at the boxes when they go by. Would it be better (or worse/indifferent) if the boxes could only be entered/exited from the top?

This would probably be fine. Currently it’s just weird that they literally don’t exist besides as a visual obstacle.

A: Make them thinner, and don’t have their edges angled so pounces don’t get thrown to the opposite side of the hall.
B: Make the textures nonsolid.
C: Remove the lights and instead have them directly cut inside of the walls.
D: Add a layer of caulking/clipping over the walls, but that’s tedious compared to the other solutions.

I really enjoy your map, besides the issues listed could you also remove some of the objects placed inside the bunker? They block placement of the reactor and overmind in the corner. (a blue barrel alien side and red wheely thing human side)

New version released - see first post.


ATCS 2015 v2.1 is now on the servers replacing the previous version, and is ready for testing. It uses the same short name as the previous version (atcs_2015).

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This is sooooo much better, thanks a ton.

The main remaining thing I would like to see fixed would be being able to see things on radar from in the cubbies in each base. Currently, if you go in the cubby below human base as dretch or other small aliens, you will not be able to see any of the human base on radar (unless they built really far towards the ledge).

EDIT: Okay actually there’s another problem. Burrito discovered THIS SPOT you can stand in mid-air for no reason whatsoever. He was just kinda chilling there, in mid-air.

Definitely an improvement.

There is something bugging me off with the pillars against the outter wall outside (force field). If you stand on top of them, you can see through their back. I think you might’ve left it caulked accidentally (or not? CONSPIRACY).

Oh also the skybox looks a LOT better. It looks less like glitters and more like stars, and doesn’t override the planet & other objects. I’d say the stars are moving slightly too fast to my taste and make the skybox unrealistic but that’s technically not an issue.

Thanks guys, its now in the dev pipeline.

Nobody posted about this yet, but last night people found a REALLY broken spot. PMing you it so people don’t abuse it.


New version released - see first post.


ATCS 2015 Version 2.2 has been added to the servers

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~0.2 fps, cannot navigate menus on new update. Because I’m fine on every other map and this map was recently updated to the server, I assumed it was this map.

Post a screenshot (+show fps) and system specs (also trem version).

Version 3.0 released. Please check first post.


ATCS 2015 Version 3.0 has been added to the servers