ATCS bunker flamer jump

Basically you need to prefire and time it extremely accurately, then jump on top of the initial flames giving you a greater boost, rotate 90 degrees so it’s a directional jump, look down and shoot the flamer, all while sprinting the entire time. (Going up the wall consumes stamina, NB)

Eventually, you will reach top of bunker.

Managed to get somewhat consistant at this… Other people have 3rd person demoes which may be good to post too. Got to do it about 20 times in 35 minutes so it’s not really reliable but here it is:

flamertard.dm_69 (365.1 KB)

Not really a viable strategy but would be gold if someone manages to pull it off in pub.

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For those of us who cant play protocol 69 demo’s how bout publishing avi to nubtube


Screenshot for people who have no idea what this is about.


I’ve witnessed this