Bad Company

Clan Name = Bad Company

clan tag = [BC] {BC} BC. BC= BC; BC’




Shake it off
savage cabage

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are app open?

Sure bro

I thought Poker was in your clan

he is xd

I wont apply :stuck_out_tongue:

Have Fun Guys !!!

Roflmao i was on scrim server to make sure a BC vs CC (argentinian clan or something idfk) would go smoothly: halfway through the fucking scrim one of their members just removes the tag from his name, says in all chat that BC are fucking idiots, and leaves the game

#R.I.P (BC)Commando
i think it was spelled commando, but you never know with italians

LOL wow

by the way he’s from south america

I know :yestroll:

I thought he was kicked lol


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why u did story here about it, it only clan member list how far i know
and no he left cause we said he was long

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i only insulte to BUSTER and SHAKE IT OFF because they don’t teamwork, im saying “im build the base !defend!” and they attack aliens base and died.
Im not insulting all the BC clan. And im not italian but they are cool people :slight_smile:

All italians on my 6 now

Well I would leave too if you described me using a dimension not generally used to discuss people, you triangular Italian.

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This happens every god-damn time, first it was nVm, then it was !nk and now BC. Stop leaving your clan and work through your issues. Fk manages with Menace just fine.


it seems like this clan

is in the hands of



badum tish

PS. Half the fun of a clan is the drama. Embrace it. Love it. Accept it. Or work together to keep the clan through it.

hey none ask him to left sry for reply that much late i just watched mess and it how life go

add me CrimsonSixth A.K.A >–{D3LT4}–<

if you are delta sure welcome but wear tag when you did not scrim with some friend xd
i add you as delta cause you wear it most time i will change if you ask

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