BattleGrangers and Spitting Dretches: Combat effective upgradable grangers or dretches

There are two options I could see with the granger and the dretch:

  • have an upgradable granger that costs additional credits that costs 2 evos that has faster trapper spit that goes roughly straight rather than parabolic. (it could cost more or less evos)
  • Dretches could have an advanced dretch that has not only pounce but granger-spit that can slow and slightly poison a human. This would mean that dretches like humans with blasters could slowly whittle down base structures from a slight distance. Maybe the dretch spit could do 10 hp dmg and could slow humans and slightly poison them like granger spit. This advanced dretch could cost 2 evs also.

Lets make the Dretch and BattleGranger Great Again! :slightly_smiling_face: