Black screen

how angry when I open the gameplay preview just opens a black screen and is the audio of the game does anyone know what this is and how to solve it and I’ve tried to reinstall

Hello @samuelgames :slight_smile: , if you are on 64 bit Windows, try this version: . To run it, basically just unzip and run tremulous.exe from inside that unzipped folder without making any changes. Let me know if you still have this issue after trying that version.

thanks sparkly works perfectly and this tremulous solved all the errors i was having weird keyboard i pressed + and the game didn’t zoom on the screen and etc

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sparky but one thing, with which program can I create a map for tremulous I tried radiant but found it very difficult

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This map editor is pretty stable and under active development:

This wiki can be helpful for learning the basics of trem mapping: tremmapping / Starting Tremulous Mapping .

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my difficulty and texturing if you know how to put a texture tell me I did not understand anything