Bring back the botscamp server!

Well hello there. Bringing back bots may seem like a dumb idea, but a botserver could very well serve as a training server for all of us who are not pro-trem players. Considering that the Wraths Training Server already closed down, there is no longer a fairly advanced training area for newbies. (Excluding ATCS, which doesn’t count)

For this reason, I believe that the botscamp server should be revived.


I think we already got a pretty good bot. :slight_smile:


The original BotsCamp server was based on gpp vanilla game play. However, I was thinking of porting the bot code from BotsCamp (or from somewhere) to 1.3, so that bots can be available for all three default game modes in 1.3.


Wait, what game modes? There’s game modes now?! Tell me more!

Check out near the top of the 1.3 TODO list: