Could I get back me level?

Hey, could I get back my level in-game? GrangerHub East Server. Looks like I don’t have it anymore, I didn’t played in a while because I kinda got bored of Tremulous… Mostly because of the leaving post I made last time… (I mean, some comments are kinda mean and are a bit not constructive at all…)

NVM I think I won’t play trem again… I was still bored today… Sorry but I’m done with it.
Have a nice future with trem.

Avarthar Signing Out.

If you knew this thread would be made into a complete U-turn you could’ve aborted it altogether. Nonetheless, it would’ve been a better approach to PM an admin(s) about this matter.

I could have but I wasn’t just sure where the delete thread button was… (it’s kinda not there, that’s why.)