Critical Hits, for both aliens and humans

Hi again guys, the other day i was trying to kill a tyrant with a rifle, and it was a tremendous fail, well not like a completely fail, because it keep me thinking about this idea.

What if both humans and aliens would have critical hits, like headshots.

Then i thought about what weapon should be better while dealing with these kind of damage, I mean, it wouldn´t be fair to kill a Tyrant with only rifle if only you shot him in the head.

I´ll start off with the marauder, the critical hits that can be done to it with each weapon listed below

The % is the chunk of HP that can be done from each weapon

Shotgun = 20% damage per shot (if shot in the head)
Mass Driver = 50% damage per shot(if shot in the head)
Pulse Rifle = 5% of damage per shot/pulse (if shot in the head)

Adv. Mara:
Shotgun = 5% + normal damage (if shot in the head)
Mass Driver = 40% + normal dmg (if shot in the head)
Pulse Rifle = 4% of damage per shot/pulse (if shot in the head)

Shotgun = 10% + normal damage per shot (if shot in the head)
Mass Driver = 45% + normal dmg per shot (if shot in the head)
Chaingun/Pulse RIfle = 3% + of damage per shot/pulse (if shot in the head)

Adv. Goon:
Shotgun = 5%
Mass Driver 35% + normal dmg per shot (if shot in the head)
Chaingun/Pulse Rifle = 2.5% + normal dmg per shot (if shot in the head)
Lucifer Cannon = 85% dmg per shot (if shot in the head)

Shotgun = 3% + normal dmg per shot (if shot in the head)
Mass Driver 30% + normal dmg per shot (""")
Chaingun/Pulse Rifle 1.5% + normal dmg per shot (""")
Lucifer Cannon 75% + normal dmg per shot ("")

Anyway, let me know what you think, its just an idea, post what you think, FYI the % can be changed

Thanks for reading guys, Jar Out!

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I can see where you’re coming from, but this is probably not a good idea. You have to understand that aliens are always looking at a human when they’re attacking and that therefore their head is an insanely easy target to hit. shotgun does 56 dmg max per shot with 8 pellets x 7 damage. what this means is that if you miss 1 pellet every shot vs goon (1/2/3 seems reasonable to me in most situations) you will deal 49 dmg = 5 shots to kill goon rather than 4 (big difference, life or death situations) by giving shotguns 20% extra damage on headshots, you’re basically giving them 56 x 1,20 = 67,2 dmg per shot (as shotty vs goon is always dancing and close up. This means that if you hit all pellets on the goon and all pellets are headshots (not very realistic), you can kill the goon in 3 shots, and if you have terrible aim you can still easily kill normal goons in 4 shots, 67,2 x 4 = 268,8. This also means that you can kill adv goons in 4 shots, with a little more margin for error. Mass driver is point and click with 100% accuracy, which means that getting headshots should be the easiest with this weapon. 50%? that 57 damage in one shot (1 more dmg than a normal shotty blast at point blank, lol) You could get a rant down to one hp with just ONE CLIP of battpacked md. Adv goon would die in 5 md shots…

Alright you changed half the numbers, fuck me, not doing math again, this was enough. My point still stands though


I’m with Dark, critical hits would completely overpower both aliens and humans depending on the players. It is already hard enough to kill a Tyrant with light armour and pretty much any stage 1-2 classes weapons. Although it brings another feature, it is unneeded for, I’m assuming Granger Pub. It would be interesting to see damage brought down to a suitable level and have critical hits such as head shots, on another server.

The ideas discussed in the Evil Genius Think Tank category are not necessarily specific to GrangerPub, ideas could be specific to any Tremulous server/client existing or potential, or it could apply to Tremulous in general.

I explained it would be good in other servers, but the use of it in GP would not be such a good idea.

The alien models and/or engine need changes before this would be possible.
Chop off all alien heads, close the neck holes, add tag_head tag, export animated body model, export fixed-position head model (with animations).


  1. Add a physics engine with collision detection for hit-mesh models (low poly boxes that move with player parts so each can be damaged separately).
  2. Chop off all alien limbs, attach via tags, shoot limbs off in-game :sunglasses:
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Rather than make collision detection work for hit-mesh models, I’d recommend doing something similar to what CS:GO did: they replaced their hit-boxes with hit-“bubbles”. Here’s what the change looks like:

Having the collision detection detect contact on every surface of the models would be more difficult than assigning various size bubbles that move with the body parts as they are animated. Hit detection doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect to the model, and the more things that you check the higher the toll on performance.


Am thinking another idea. What if both teams have a percentage to do a critical damage?
I mean, human has 1.5% percent to do a x2 damage hit on stage 1; 3% percent to do a x2 damage hit on stage 2 and 5% percent to do a x2.5 damage hit on stage 3.
The same things for aliens. The difference that this only works with Painsaw, Rifle, Shotgun and Mass Driver. And aliens only for Dretch, Adv Granger, Lisk, Adv Lisk, Dragoon and Adv Dragoon.
This does’nt work with Lucifer cannon, Pulse Rifle, Flamer, Chaingun, Lasgun or Tyrants.

No. THIS is the shitty version of “critical hits”. It just introduces randomness into a game that doesn’t need it, decreasing the skill ceiling and making it that much less fun to play for those of us who aren’t terrible at the game. Sure, a few noobs could get some lucky kills vs good players because of random critical hits that let them one shot the enemy, but it makes the game less interesting for good players because the critical hits would mean people could never know if they were safe or not from being killed. As it is, if I am a full health basilisk, I don’t need to worry about dying to a single Mass Driver shot. It would be ridiculous to have a 5% chance for a shotgun to do 140 damage. It would be absurd for a Dragoon to have almost a 10% chance to two-shot kill a battlesuit. Having regions of a hitbox do more or less damage is used in almost every FPS game going back for decades, but having random amounts of damage and even sometimes ridiculously large random amounts of damage is extremely un-fun when you die because of something you could not predict.


agree. don’t make the game less tactical. there is thousands of brainless shooters out there. plz keep trem different


Critical hits are for RPGs. Visual RNG could be fun to add now that I think of it. Make the default alien models’ texture grey, and paint them with a different colour each game for example.

I’m still wondering what trem would be like if it was open-world.