Dealing with Lags and spikes tutorial for NVIDIA users only

To fix ping spikes, lags you have to :

  1. in tremulous type in console in game /cg_lagometer 1
  2. check out if you have ping spikes for example jumps from 120 to 300 or something like that.
  3. Now enter nvidia control panel and turn on threaded optimization and prerendered frames to 1 for tremulous.

After this lags will be gone, it will let tremulous to use all your cpus. Prereendered frames will reduce mouse input lag especially on weak configs.

HAVE FUN :slight_smile:



This thread is amazing.

@DevHC If you think this is silly, you haven’t seen hell until you own an Nvidia Optimus laptop.

Protip to Optimus users: Make sure Tremulous is running on the dedicated GPU via your control panel as well. It might default to Integrated (running slower, sub-30FPS) because Nvidia HQ ought to be nuked.