[DENIED] Avarthar's Second Application

• Who are you known as in-game, and what is your registered name on the server:
{Ghub} Avarthar (Sparky re-registered me back on ghub incase of dwarfs.)

• What is your timezone/What time do you play tremulous and how often:
Still the same time zone (UTC-5) This time I won’t be able to play as much as before…
I got school that started back and now I need to finish a wc3 map. But once the map is done I’ll have much more time for trem.

• Why do you want admin on GrangerPub:
I’m actually admin, and you guys know you can trust me and that I won’t abuse.

• What is your past admining experience:
Well, My own servers, minecraft, websites, aa2, a bit on Z (about a week), a bit on korx (same), and few more servers that closed and don’t need to be posted here :wink:

• What do you think are the most important qualities as an admin:
Can I just skip that question since I already answered on the last application? :wink:
Be great with the community.
Do the job requested correctly.
Stay Active (Sry if I didn’t on this point :frowning: I explained it on few pages with ghub’s devs.)
Not abuse. (I’ve only abused in my first year of administration. Then I learned not to.)
Respect everyone. Even if he’s insulting me, I’ll do my best to stay polite.

• What level are you applying for:
Maybe 5 or 6+

• Is any level 6+ admin willing to vouch for you (Can be left blank):
Same as last ones, or maybe almost all the devs…

• Other (you should add this point :wink: Incase there’s more info’s to give.)
You guys know you can trust me. Few of you already know me pretty well. So well…
Have a nice day/night my grangers :slightly_smiling:

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Good luck buddy :smiley: !

Thank you my great looking sparky :smiley:

Too soon.

I’d advise you to repeal, play more, and familiarize yourself with the administration prior to reapplying for a higher admin level.

Does this mean you should have level “5 or 6+?”

[quote=“avarthar, post:1, topic:1256”]
You guys know you can trust me.

Well, when aa2 was still alive I was Head-Admin and still didn’t abused. You could ask Gus and Jkent.

Also, I kinda hate the abusers… Why would I then abuse? I didn’t get over 10 years of administration to then abuse like a 7 year old kid from call of duty that would be given such power…
(I did saw a 7 year old kid abusing when I was on Minecraft. That’s mostly why I started making servers…)

@bird, I got 10+ years of administration… I know few years of those was when I was kid and not mature. But I didn’t abuse that much anyway. (that was my 2 first year of administrating.)
I do know admins commands. If I’m not sure about something I just do /!help CommandName or I ask sparky/cron.
I agree tho for the too soon part :stuck_out_tongue: I was just not sure about what lvl to put on my first app. But that’s why I made another app.


10+ years of administration should invoke a level of confidence and maturity, enough to ask for the appropriate level during your initial app especially if your credentials are as you make them out to be.

You seem like a nice guy and this doesn’t come down to whether or not you can admin, if you couldn’t you wouldn’t be a current L4. Just take the time to show activity and familiarity, please.


Just my two cents. Few hours ago, we had a small incident on the server and Avarthar was the only admin who responded to my /a call. Not sure if he was the only admin in-game (if that is the case, then he was the only admin guarding that timezone, which is activity; if that wasn’t the case, i.e. other admins were present, then why was he the only one who was responsive?) , but the way he responded was everything a regular would want to see within an admin - The most important part being player-friendly, and to not have one’s head up an Ivory tower. Trem is experiencing a slow death itself but if we had more admins who can respond to players the way he did when needed, we might just be able to steer the game away from it’s fate.

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Thx hatsune :wink: But I’m ok with what bird says, even if I’m active…

@bird, for the app level part, I didn’t choose because I had been away for so long. I couldn’t just come back and write. "hey! I’m back buddies, mind putting me back on my level I was? (which was about 7-8 if I remember correctly. Which was Head-Admin, when Jkent and Gus was still here…) Thx tho for the feedback :wink:
I will actually try to stay as active as I can. Even if I got a wc3 map to finish and school to do…

F1. seems like a top guy.

I got L3 for passed by @Shuffle, but actually I’m not often playing Trem 'cause I have college, only every Thursday (partial, because I’m in college’s hostel, need to sleep early) and Saturday (often in my home, not hostel, so this will be suitable for me ;)). Also other days I will be play Trem if I have a lot of free time. (not sure for sometimes have busy to do my own homework)

Anyway, good luck… uhhh… No. It’s the BEST luck for you! :wink: :smile: :blush:

Thx :wink: I got school to, but I got few days free :wink:

Good luck with school anyway :wink:
I try to remain as active as I can but my wc3 community asks for so much things on my map… D:
Most of these ideas makes the map weight too much x) So now I need to use another editor, that is seen as a hack by the computers… Because it modifies the original worldeditor to add more capacities to it…

Anyway. Thx again and have a good day/night. :wink:

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We felt it was a bit too soon to be applying for L5, considering you were promoted to L4 only 1 day before this app was made. Maybe give it a few more weeks before trying again.