[DENIED] Burrito's application

• Who are you known as in-game, and what is your registered name on the server:
NoS::Burrito (my main name)

• What is your timezone/What time do you play tremulous and how often:
My timezone is GMT+/-6:00 , I can be active every day unless I have school or any other job.

• Why do you want admin on GrangerPub:

Hmm, let’s see, why do I want to be an admin??? OH YEAH… INACTIVE ADMINS. I have been witnessing multiple decons and griefing which I have no condumps or proof about yet I am still there to witness. This really bugs me and gives the players a bad example of what GrangerHub Server really is. I know there are A LOT of admins here yet, whenever a decon happens they are no where to be seen.

• What is your past admining experience:

I am currently level 4 on F but the servers pretty much dead.
Used to be level 4 on PK server but then I got demoted for no reason.
And level 4 on LVLmeup I think.

• What do you think are the most important qualities as an admin:

Always being as nice and helpful as possible to any player, even a higher level admin. Never disobeying the rules of GrangerHub servers/forums. Helping out the server for any type of incident that could happen in-game.

• What level are you applying for:
Any that has revert or any type of command for anti-grief,spam or decon.

• Is any level 6+ admin willing to vouch for you
Not sure about this, you decide.

Now you may be thinking, oh burrito shared his qkey disobeyed the rules and killed his admin level so nop no admin for you seine.

I obviously have stopped being retarded and decided to stand up from the bad admining in this server.

You don’t need admin commands to create condumps, screenshots, and/or demos. I would like to know why you didn’t collect evidence of griefing and post a report. Why haven’t you done what is in your power as a member of the community to address those issues? As a side note admins should always collect evidence in case their actions are called into question later.

You must of read the wrong section @dGr8LookinSparky, I posted it in the Why do you need admin part.
I only want admin to stop trolling and deconning. I obviously know you don’t need admin commands for condumps/any type of proof.

You can help with addressing the problems of griefing and other violations of the rules that you have witnessed by posting reports with sufficient evidence. Why have you not done so?

I originally did not intend to apply for admin, but besides that, I really did not have time before to get any screenshots or condumps . I relied on admins in these type of situations, but I am guessing I must do it myself, hence the application.

it takes a fraction of a second to make a screenshot and/or condump.

That is not what I mean, before when I saw griefing I did not care because I trusted admins on handling this. I know admin’s jobs are to keep a server clean from any type of malicious actions but when active admins even fail to live up to their title I lose faith on the server and makes me think GrangerPub is a joke.

Did you witness a/some violations of the rules when admins were not available, and did not report said violation(s) with appropriate evidence (condump(s), screenshot(s), and/or a/some demo(s))? The report players section is primarily for reporting violations that admins didn’t address.

The griefing I saw would end up in the player being kicked, but one time, I clearly remember hearing @torrente talking about a rc decon and how no admins were there. I am sure torrente can confirm this since he was a main witness.

Addressing the problem retroactively does nothing to fix the games that were already ruined. Posting proof on the forum doesn’t !pause or !revert the actions, and any deconner who cares enough can easily evade. Furthermore, the mere presence of an admin on the server discourages problem users from deconning and griefing.

It does help demonstrate the fact that you want to help the server though, something that is sought after in applicants.

Poll up, though.

:joy::joy: hmm that’s odd good luck

As Burrito said, the point is that this server has too many inactive admins, at least in the mornings (Euro zone).
In the last month, we have see the deconner + no admins several times… solution? callvote kick? not effective, 2 min later the same problem… and next day the same.

Consider what level you set people… as i said on my application, at least, revert, pause, kick…

Good luck with the poll mate!

borto wth :frowning: lol

I’m fairly active on the server and Burrito’s there most of the time so it could be beneficial.

Good luck man.


thx man

GL, since I noticed this too, I would say that he’s not lying.

I agree you are not as “retarded” as you put it any longer. However, I still think Spamo has some control over you, combined with his evident access to your qkey and your closeness as clanmates, it leaves you too vulnerable to exploitation.

I really see no way in which we can trust you, have you made any efforts to change your qkey?

I deleted it along time ago, actually I think Shuffle or Sparky suggested for me to do that.

Pk server has been down for some time.

It is noteworthy to explain to you that it is in fact beneficial for you to secure a voucher prior to writing your application.

Good luck.

So, how long does it take for a poll to finish? I’m starting to think my app got abandoned. (lol)