Did I lose my admin rights?

Hey guys!!

First of all, sorry, because of working issue, I was out some weeks and couldnt play trem at any time…
I entered yesterday and I saw Im level 2, did I lose my admin level? Anyway, I deleted trem installation and re-installed… but as I see i’m level 2, i supose guid is working fine and I might be demoted (maybe cause if inactivity?).

Just let you know Im back and you will see me again in server and just let me know what happened with my admin rights :slight_smile:

boum biach get out the way, I am now the head admin of this serv and I removed your right because I does not like mexican, Make your face great again, see u in hell mfk


Hey @torrente, make sure to click this link and formally request the return of your admin level. Yes, Gpub has a “admin inactivity” policy so simply sort it out ASAP.

Also, welcome back. :slight_smile:

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He’s Spanish lmao

Well it is a common mixup considering how close both Spain and Mexico are to France (that is, on the same planet).

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I agree with you commong mixup… Not for your reason, Mexico is a south American country, Spain is one of European’s giants. Spain is directly linked to the establishment of Mexico… Hence their mixture.

Yah, I didn’t answer that because, as you said, its very common to mixup Spain and Mexico, as they are one next to the other :wink:

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Under the wall is all south


Central/South, same thing… Just like Canada isn’t “slightly more North America”

seems like you already got infected with the trump microdroids.

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nonono, I’m indifferent to Trump. Hillary would be just as bad.

Canada is more of a part of Siberia than North America.

Turkey and Georgia is Asia btw, but reality is Eurasia.

Welcome back torrente, I hope you will get back your admin level, it’s always usefull to troll innocent playersXD

Seems I got admin rights back, thanks guys


Closing thread on the basis that the issue seems to be resolved. Welcome back @torrente.