Different Game modes

I think tremulous should have more gamemodes like TDM ( TeamDeathmatch ) or DM ( Deathmatch ) or CTF ( Capture the Flag ) and CP ( Control points or a thing that you would like ). I hope some new modes come to trem in the future !


One of my project in the future is to add an RPG mode to the game :wink:
When will it come out? No idea.
When will the dev’ of it start? No idea either.
But hopefully sooner than later.

And one of the game-mode you mentioned is already in-game if I recall well :wink: (TDM is basically the default game-mode of tremulous.)

But I do agree that tremulous is missing some new game-modes which would bring a lot of new players and possibly save this game for a few more years :wink: .


I think that capture points could be good with 5 point capture points like in tf2. ANOTHER good idea is king of the hill I think could be one of the better game modes, but tdm and dm detract from what trem is about. We could maybe add something like MGE from tf2 if you have played it which is there version of 1v1’s I would recommend checking that out for ideas.


Idk, it seems that a lot of 1.1 vanilla players play Tremulous like it is a team death match. They primarily look to get a high kill count (even if detrimental to the match), and many times I have heard people complain if someone is building or even attacking enemy buildables. I have seen many times in public games a/some players gain a substantial number of kills in comparison of everyone else in the match combined, and would have had the ability to rush with their team many times over, but hold off for awhile, and often times a player with that high of a kill count in relation to everyone else is on the losing team (yet they would still show off screenshots of the scoreboard). Some seam to treat public matches like practice opportunities to hone their kills, and then take the actual goals of Trem seriously in scrims.

This can be very annoying for others who have the goals of Tremulous in mind, and can be even more annoying and confusing to new players (that doesn’t help in retaining new players, and frankly many “pros” don’t take into consideration the perspective from new players).

If there was a team death match mode as an option, it would still highlight the asymmetrical human vs alien combat, and hopefully the teams would be more aligned in goals and less confused (then perhaps the traditional Tremulous goal of killing all enemy spawns and remaining players would only be played that way as intended).

One way to approach the design of such a game mode would be to remove buildables, and make changes to account for the absence of the buildables. There could be various benefits from such an approach, like camping no longer being as severe of an issue, and this could be an overall fun game in mode on its own. It would still have a lot of element of traditional trem game play, the have been some Tremulous mods made in the past that were much more drastically different from the fundamentals of trem, like human vs human instagib, and the Zombie mod (those were fun mods actually).

Another possible approach is to take a version of the warmup mode, and turn it into a team death match. @lamefun made the very good recommendation to me to change warmup such that the players are not given unlimited credits/evos, that they do earn income from killing, but make all low and mid powerful game iteams free, and have the powerful game items retain their usual price. This is something that we intend on implementing for warmup.

If you take that version of warmup, and then allow kills to be tracked in the scoreboard (warmup doesn’t keep any score at the moment), continue to have the layout reset when all spawns are killed and all players are killed but don’t count those as wins, and have the team with the most kills declared the winner after a set amount of time, we would have a version of team death match with building.

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