[Discussion] Features of mission maps for PUB gameplay

Stuff in this thread will be used as inspiration for development of another mission map - fuck mission_one, it is overplayed, too easy/boring, full of bugs and the final area is simply just bad.

Here are a few things I’d like to be discussed in this thread:

  • Teamwork in actual mission parts of the map (remember, has to be suitable for pub games): Should we be dependant on teammates?
    Example: Pushing buttons that are mandatory to help fellow granger reach places, which then opens the way for other grangers to go through.

  • Additional unlockable content for the final area: Can be split paths which each unlocks a different part of the map depending on which is completed, or can be extra-challenging parts in some areas of the missions for example. This can be combined with the above, to not make the important parts of the map rely on teamwork entirely.

  • Ideas for actual mission parts of maps: For example, a no-gravity area with 4 layers of walls you have to jump through to reach the next area; each wall is covered in an insta-kill texture and you have to be very accurate to go through the 4 holes directly. Anything non-basic and requiring a minimum of creativity is welcomed.

« - But, but @MaeJong, you should really focus on updating Sharp before anything else! »
« - FUCK YOU. Sharp will be updated, this is unrelated to its actual development time. »


What if next areas were triggered by building a spawn in certain spots?

Something else to consider, maybe such a new mission map shouldn’t be designed for the old QVMs, but rather there could be some new features/tweaks implemented in 1.3 to make new mission maps more viable in Tremulous?



I removed this question from the OP, since we do already have the tools to efficiently prevent grief in mission maps actually.

For the interested people, trigger_buildable, trigger_equipment, and trigger_class. They have to be used with a brush covered in common/trigger

Being able to change cvars via triggers (I am unsure whether this is possible yet…), limiting the usable classes/weapons and disabling team-specific timed income until a specific trigger is activated, pretty much all that is needed to be honest. Other than that, it’s all physics related stuff or handlable properly at the time.

If there could be something triggerable to kill all structures of one team, it could be helpful too. (instead of using func_doors or harm zones or watever shit)



Tremulous Portal Gun against Mission One b7 - YouTube

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