Ditch the concept of space travel

There are already too many games about space travel, so how about:

  • Earth is flat.

  • Space doesn’t exist.

  • Humans have shrunken themselves to deal with overpopulation.

  • Aliens are actually insects and should be named as such.

You’re wrong.

You’re wrong again.

You’re wrong again, again. Humans are just killing Earth and that’s the only real factor that will prevent us from going to space. Plus greed.

You’re semi-wrong, aliens are things that we don’t know and have never seen before or from another place we’ve never been. Also, this doesn’t seem Evil Genius Think Tank worthy? Tremulous is all about space and infact, it takes place literally in space and on many different planets, that’s like saying we should destroy the concept and what Tremulous is. There being too many games of space travel, isn’t 100% there are a big and many variety of games out there.

I get where you are coming from @Helper_Bot , but video games don’t have to match our reality , that is in a video game the world that it takes place in could be flat (even though irl Earth is not flat), space doesn’t have to exist (even though it exists for us in real life), if there are humans the game designer can pick any situation and background story, and the players and their interactions in general in the world can be fully designed.

Originally, back when trem started out as a Quake III Arena mod, aliens were not a part of trem, instead there were “Droids”. Their description was as follows (source of this quote is: Tremulous concept documentation ):

Droid classes are divided up in 3 subclasses: Offense, Defense, and Builder.

The droids have well developed methods of upgrading themselves, to higher biological and mechanical infacstructure. They have a biological system of tissues, organs, and organ systems that seamlessly work together, much like our own. This biological material is taken from hosts, human or animal. The process in which they take host biological matter and integrate it into their own, is called ‘infestation.’

Droids latch themselves to the hosted flesh, and undergo a form of rapid digestion. The targeted flesh is solidified quickly, and taken in by the organ. In this organ, many nano-bots take the protein material and circulate it around the droids body. The nano-bots responsible for healing, starts to create cells at an extremely fast pace. The droid itself literally gains mass from the target it is infesting, with blood vessels and different organs gaining different types of mass.

The user is given a choice of classes to upgrade to with each infestation. Therefore the classes are conceptually organised in a tree structure.

The nano-bots responsible for the physical changes that are undergone during infestation, are also capable of effectively healing the droid. Damaged biological tissues are repaired through artificial protein synthesis, in only a moderate length of time.

Also, I believe that Murnatan deviated from the concepts of aliens and other plannets with having their “non-human” team being mamal like creatures from Earth.

With that said, what specific benefits might Trem gain from moving away from the alien and space travel themes (not a rhetorical question)?

I should say that I think that more can be expanded upon the current theme of Trem for the game play. That is, what if multiple game servers were a part of the same match? Each server might have a dedicated “sub-map”, like a spaceship or some setting on some planet. There would be a way to travel between the servers, and the servers would have some kind of interactions with each other. Perhaps to win a match, a team must conquer each of the servers, and conquering a server might give strategic aadvantages to help with conquering the other servers. The “sub map” of each server would be able to change once the match is over, that is, each server doesn’t have to play the same submap 24/7.

Not saying they have to.

Earth is NOT flat

I can agree with this, but I can’t say lets just throw out the idea of space travel and say, poof humans are magically in the age of the dinosaurs fighting with potatoes and tomatoes, I find the fact of space exploration and the use of it incredible, not only can you use it in multiple ways unless you want Trem to be that next magic show on television. Lets not also forget the fact that how beautiful space is, plus mixing that with beautiful planets could be a huge benefit let alone the fact of a vast huge exploration range of both your space ship and a planet. Unless, you want to get to these next planets or sub maps through boring teleporters and loading screens that don’t interest you. Tremulous is about the future of humanity and how we are fighting aliens, not some fuzzy weird dog animal creatures. If you have any other cool ways of traveling that are some how “futuristic like” since, Tremulous would seem to be in the future other than teleporters I am all for it.

There are more random other games than space games combined (I think), we’ve seen all these games that are not space related at all coming out in 2017, where are the too many space games? I don’t think we should throw away the opportunity to use the great vast expanse of space + new planets.


Oops, I made a type, I fixed it in my post :wink:

Feel free to brainstorm suggestions, kep in mind that aliens would need some means to travel between “sub maps” as well.


Aliens don’t, infact lets have it so if you go onto another planet, say new aliens will be there already and some will be dead planets? Well, tbh they could have a means of travel, but hmm not sure.


Everything is on the same planet you just move around that planet and it’s so big it has its own planets on the planets meaning that some planets on that planet could contain their own solar system inside of that contains another planet along with some other solar systems containing galaxy’s outside of the solar systems on that one planet.


So, something like the Men In Black universe:

I would compare it to the real theory rather than the men in black theory or at least, a theory I believe in.

no just a planet that contains everything on the same planet surface just you need to go around the planet to enter other solar systems leading to different planets inside that planet

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What about a giant hollow planet which contains (normal) star systems and planets inside it and has a small version of itself at the center, and is contained by a larger version of itself which is heavily guarded by an interplanetary human organization for obvious reasons (let’s say humans and aliens are only two species in that universe). Add a special mission map where a dretch has managed to sneak into the inner planet and is now eating planets because it’s huge now.


what the hell are star systems?

And don’t do anything just leave it the way I said it it’s about 5000x better.

So, it’s a Dyson sphere? I wish we had gravity in the engine, a Dyson sphere map would be great, and a pretty original setting- ther consent is pretty unexplored in the video games, or even movies.


Nope, my idea is that the universe contains itself at its center while also being contained by itself as a consequence of containing itself, each layer separated from the other by indestructible barriers with a few openings. For example, if the inner layer is 50% smaller, you can go into the layer below and become 2x larger or go into the layer above and become 2x smaller. I just thought tiny and huge versions of both humans and aliens would be really fun!


This is the most interesting dialogue that I’ve ever read in a long time or ever.