Domination mode

the Amsterdam Unlimited server’s version of the domination point concept worked in the following way:

each domination point (independently) can be captured by either team, and then provides

  • a „support area” with some local buildpoints: buildables there do not draw from the primary (1.1) pool of buildpoints;
  • a steady income of funds for the team, proportional to the size of the enemy team.1

btw, each domination point could be captured by being in the point’s „capture area” until the point’s tick mark reaches ur team’s end of the capture bar; the speed of the tick mark is proportional to the number of team players minus the number of enemy players located in the capture area. there can be any amount of floating „capture markers” that show which team has is holding the respective domination point.

for each domination point, the position of the capture markers, the amount of income, the local buildpoint capacity, as well as the shapes of the support and capture areas — each being a union of cube and sphere shapes — r defined by the domination layout.

an example for a domination point that could be created on Niveus near the vending machine:

  • support capacity: 40 buildpoints (enough for eg. 1 armory, 1 medistation and 2 tesla generators)
  • support area: the vending machine room (including the rafters, but not including the lower half of the staircase)
  • capture area: the ground area below the bridge — remotely located capture areas deter camping !2
  • capture markers: one just below the bridge, another one on top of the vending machine

another candidate for a domination point is near the control panel at the lower exit from the box room; and yet another candidate is the stairwell — these r non-campy areas that would require constant, omnidirectional attention to defend.

1 this could be made to be depletable („resource mining”)
2 analysis of situations:

  • a player standing in the capture area will not be affected by offensive buildables in the vending machine room, and can be out of direct sight of players in the room; domination point owners who enjoy healing in the room r risking that the domination point will be transferred to the enemy, and should eventually move out to fight. also, the capturer must be near the ground, so a human can’t jet just below the bridge.
  • a dretch or naked human is effective to fill the role of a capturer, either when supported by a bit of additional firepower, or even alone if the target domination point is abandoned.

What is this

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Well this is a good idea, but how this work with the factor “build a base”?

I can still control every area and a goon can RC Jump my base.
Controlling areas goes with “kill the enemy”(=dominating them), and then if both teams get S3 we get again a stalemate.

The only way to get over a stalemate is “destroy” enemy “check points”: with this, even if we get a stalemate for kills and stages, we will see which team has more opportunity to win (ex. LoL matches: if there is a stalemate for kills and equips, who has more towers probably will rush more than the other team. Rn in Trem we don’t see a pressing rush during cws.).
The difference is this case is that if an alien or an human die he will lose his equipment: in this case the rushed enemy team will have a chance to get “enemy check point” and re-get the round.

I saw another domination mod (dunno if the same one) but anyways it sets your total team BP according to the number of Domination points your tram owns.
The formula is as follows: Regular_BP * (0.5 + Controlled_DP/Total_DP)

Essentially this motivates teams to “get out and capture those points” because if let’s say:

A team owns 2/2 DP, H team owns nothing.
ThenH team basically has only 50% BP, while A team has 150% BP. This is enough for A team to easily overpower the H team. Also the extra $/evos bonus that @DevHC mentioned.