Down with ATCS Clones

Please remote bad atcs clones.

  • Remove atcs clones
  • Keep bad atcs clones

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That is a biased poll, “Keep bad atcs clones”. Who would vote for something with the word bad in it (besides me in this case)? Bad is also subjective, if this poll passes, which maps does it mean? The people voting in agreement with you might be thinking of only some or none of the maps you are thinking of. It would be more effective if you had multiple polls worded in a none biased way for each of the maps you have in mind.

Apparently 66% of the people.

F1 if it means removing UTCS and nano.

I like the ATCS clones, they help provide some sort of balance and variety. Vanilla ATCS is trash for both scrims and pubs. In my eyes it’s only use is devmap training, forcing your clan to only scrim there shows you lack a number of valuable skills.

Map knowledge
Quick thinking
Smaller alien classes
Different weapon niches

Playing only on ATCS severely hinders your game abilities. I may hate Treecannon but I still feel I improved from it.

How about down with ATCS? This map is way to overplayed and as mentioned by ckit already, the map lacks any need for skills. Both sides can be heavily camped, and this is the most used play tactic on the map.

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I think we should remove all maps that are real ATCS clones. Stuff like atcs-2yb. UTCS, atcszalpha and Nano are arena-like maps, but still different enough to keep IMO. Maybe have a vote on a per-map basis?

I have played ATCS too many times. However, atcs-2yb doesn’t feel bad to me, it looks way better than ATCS and ATCS HD. Plus, atcs-2yb does offer different enough game play varioation from ATCS.

I think he’s referring to xtce, the atcs that was edited and has cuts/plants/barrels all over, and atczalpha.

I am in favor of removing all of the aforementioned.

I don’t think he means utcs or nano. Those are fine.

Even if you are correct about what he was thinking, clearly many people interpreted the poll in different ways (whether in favor or against). There would be more useful input, if like I said, there was poll for each map in question that was worded in a non-biased way, with their screenshots.

Multiple polls can be setup in a single post. Each poll in such a post would need to be named:

[poll name=“AwesomePollName1”]

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3


  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3

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ok, it seems that the code tag doesn't prevent polls from executing, basically you name a poll like this:

[poll name=“SomeNameForThisPoll”]