>eV< Clan (Endemic Virus)

We are >eV< know as Endemic Virus, we wish to have a good future as a clan. If someone wanna join us just ask to us, and we will talk about it. The clan is openned for everyone that have a good or regular skill rate and it’s very active.


Cure (Aka Rifle)


Nicolas (Aka Command)

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See the future

I have a good feeling about this clan. Cool name, cool tag.

Good luck.


thanks hero

thanks for letting me know you left nos i guess :confused:

get with the times, gramps

NoS is old and busted

" >eV< " is the new hotness


Should you be worried about the Medical Clans and the Computer Reset Ones!?

lol face, sorry for don’t tell you :frowning: i was about, but i’m so busy, that’s why i’m not so active on kik, i forget it :frowning:

Thanks! :smiley:

gl rifle!! hope to scrim you guys :smiley:

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Leave nos secretly and form a new clan, nobody bats an eye. Leave a 2 paragraph apology for leaving and everbody loses their minds.

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I would be interressed to join it.