Evolve even if humans are near

It pisses me off that I can’t evolve if humans are near, I’m wondering if it can be removed.

I agree, it’s no fair that humans can purchase weaponry and armour when a tyrant is 3 yards away from them, whereas an alien needs to go about 50 yards away from a human to evolve irregardless of Overmind livelihood.

This being said, in a scrimmage setting, aliens far outweigh humans in power and utility. Aliens are OP in any comp level game (provided you have good players). Maybe the inability to evolve near humans is a good thing after all.

Well, if we play pub mode, it’s annoying spawning as granger and you can’t evolve to a dretch when a human is raping your base. I’m thinking it would be better to evolve at players’ own choice, not if it’s safe. You can buy a luci and get killed before you get armor as a human. But when aliens try, they can’t evolve, and it’s less likely that they get killed while doing so.

It’s buggy as fuck anyways. Sometimes you can evolve 3m from them, other times you to run like 20m before you can evo

I think that’s just the way the reactor/structure radius works. It’s an oval not a circle, if you are above or below them you have to change your distance considerably.

I like this feature for balancing reasons. Something I would like to add would be if you are closer to OM than a human you should be able to evolve. Currently even if you are sitting on om and humans are in your base you still can’t evolve. Frustrating and unimmersive.

I thought that you can always evolve in base, maybe its a gpp thing?