Extend vote

really stupid how fucking 9-3 votes is a fail fuck u all


The current setting for extend votes to pass on pub is that greater than 75% of the people who voted need to vote yes. Perhaps this requirement should be decreased to greater than 65%?

yes it definitely needs to be decreased cus if u got 18-6 it would still fail which is ridiculous. why was it even increased in the first place??

please leave it at 75%
It’s very rare to see a good game (as in both sides are attacking or at least trying to attack) last to tl, they usually end 10 ish minutes after sd.
More statistics i pulled out of my ass but like 90% of tl games are human camp fests. Some alien players want to feed their ego and try to get a win by calling 2 (or was the max 3 idk?) extend votes, but it’s just another 5/10/15 minutes wasted. Tl games where humans camp are boring as fuck. If anything make the draw votes require less % to pass, not the extend tl votes. And for the rare cases where tl is approaching and humans are not camping, i’m sure those players will vote f1 to try and get the win for humans, so you don’t need to lower the % to pass for those situations.

I’m sick of playing games where my team gets so close to winning (1 node left, w/e). Many games during my timezone reach t/l where it’s 7v7 quality games. You hardly even play so I doubt u’ve experienced enough time limit games. Those rare cases aren’t rare and it’s really difficult to get an extend vote to pass. I’ve played multiple 10v10 games where 4 people f2 and 10 f1 for an extend but it doesn’t even pass then everyone abandons the server as they are pissed they weren’t able to finish a fully sick game!


If you reach tl on the regular then you’re probably camping too much as rant instead of getting some turrets down.

What’s your timezone? I’m interested as long as it’s not aussie times.

AEDT and I never camp as rant, the games had hardly any camp.

While we have a thread about extend votes, can the extend vote bug PLEASE be fixed? Games should never last 70+ minutes.

Yesterday I did implement extend votes on test7341, starting from slacker’s code for extend votes. I figured out a solution that resets the time limit back to a consistent value with map changes. Although there is a bug I need to work out where the extend votes count limit doesn’t seem to be limiting the number of extend votes in a match. Anyways, once the kinks are worked out, it seems that this code can be implemented in slackers, and we can look into doing that with the “QVMHax” update.

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