Feature request: fix !revert

there is so much troubles because buildings overlap. if someone built it, server should be able to revert them. there should be no need to override

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Why stop there? We need to go deeper.

There should be building “snapshots” during a match that an admin can !revert too.

Not a bad idea

Better yet, what about snapshots of all entities in the game (or at least diffs)? This way not only are buildables reverted, but it would be like setting the entire game back to a previous state.

What about snapshots of all entities that were snapshotted?

i’m not sure it that’s a good idea. when i’m alien and at sd i sniped 2 rets and in the meantime someone deconned om, i don’t want the rets to be reverted. same applies if we have a builder that does his job correctly and in the meantime deconner destroys the forward base. we need a bit more granularity than snapshots.

but in case reverting goes really wrong, a snapshot may save the game because there is no revert for revert

I’m thinking a snapshot would include more than just buildables. Client positions, health, evo’s/credit’s, alive/dead, etc…

Restoring a “snapshot” would effectively reset the entire game to a prior point.

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it would be perfect for ‘reverting’ destroyed missions maps

That’s actually a good idea. But because memory is limited in the engine it’ll probably be only one snapshot every five minutes and is to be used as a last-resort thing.

An alternative simple fix is to remove the “if buildable is inside another buildable” check. Because that’s highly unlikely on GH 1.1/test7341 servers considering that we don’t support stack building at the moment.

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@ViruS , the Swirl game does support stacked building.

Memory and processing can be conserved if the snapshots recorded only the differences in the entities between snapshots, rather than all of the information for all of the entities for each snapshot.

cool, but before you start implementing new super world changing snapshot system with incremental diff compression, could you first just remove the need for override? pleeeease