Features to remove 1.3 Imbalance

As 1.3 approaches to final release I’ve noticed that their is still quite a bit of imbalance within the game. Such as the Lucifer cannon being overpowered or turrets having too much range which largely impacts the Alien side as they are unable to overcome these situations. Their are multiple more imbalances that weaken the alien side and here are my suggestions to strengthen:

Adv Marauders and Tesla generators: Once both teams hit stage three I believe if a marauder is to be zapped by a tesla (while still inflicting damage) will strengthen and improve the range of a mara zap dealing double the damage of a normal zap.

Reintroducing the famous basi bomb: This unique feature of the basilisk found on previous trem mods was quite popular and allowed the basilisk to have more use within the game. I’m aware now their are quite some pro basilisk players out their but this would further encourage players to use this type of alien more while playing. This was the go to alien for inflicting damage on the human bases on the RCZ server which had unlimited bp and as the BP level has increased in 1.3 this feature would be useful for overpowered bases.

To balance the teams I believe advantages should be added not DISADVANTAGES; e.g. the timer added to jetpacks. Also the addition of extra buildables to make use of this higher bp limit could be useful such as ammo crates instead of placing ugly repeaters.

Just a couple of ideas ty for ur time

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ok then?


Hmm, how about giving the marauder health?

Speaking of basilisk, I was tihnking of:

1: Remove grab (because it is very latency biased) and replacing it with something like a delayed damage attack with primary attack

2: Increase basilisk damage to about 38-ish and have it deal unavoidable poison regardless of boosted state (negating the requiremvent for a booster as a basilisk, allowing it to be the assasin it was made to be) however increasing its wait period between swipes

3: Gas can be “spat out” at a target with a high cooldown (Perhaps it would be “chargable” like the luci and have an independant timer of its own?) and very low damage (but a long duration) but shouldn’t slow targets down like they do currently (which induces client-side prediction errors also experienced as warping with higher latencies)

4: Marauders should have damage-over-time style zaps as they honestly are kinda “felt” OP simply because they were instantaneous. However once the zap is connected the range shouldn’t matter (in 1.1 I had an unlagged related bug with chasing a human because my server-side would be out of range so I’d only deal 1 damage per zap while chasing a human when I’m not close enough)

5: Increase spread of turret shots and increase damage of Teslas, and remove the DC requirement as it is buggy, and it kinda makes teslas worthless like in 1.1 again

6: Tyrant trample needs to properly have 1.1 style trample to increase its anti-base effectiveness (in 1.1 you can hit as many structures as you want, ignoring GPP-style trample damage timers, currently you can only hit two structures in a trample)

7: Advance Dragoon could have hitbox-based pounce as it is supposed to, the Tyrant Trample works on hitboxes anyway

8: Dragoon pounce damage dealing could be based off speed upon contact

9: Dretch needs a secondary attack activated by mouse (it has the animation for it afterall) which could be something like a long range poison effect, but bite damage could be reduced to back of what GPP had

10: Adv Granger spit could do more damage than it does currently (~10 damage to match up to the blaster), and perhaps an area-effect (with negative knockback? I’ve tried it and it works well) with the usual slow effect rather than requiring a direct-hit. If it gets OP in anti-base, we could always make it so you have a stock of something like 6 barbs…

We could also re-implement the human impregnation feature from Cuboid too

11: Adv Granger swipe could get a boost in width and range since it is hard as fuck to hit with

12: Humans could use a rocket launcher like such:

  • Fairly inaccurate wihle moving or standing up
  • Very Strong damage (could be made t osometihng like 350)
  • Has a 1 second “targetting” delay which can be cancelled
  • No self-damage protection
  • Long reload and only 3 rockets

13: Dretches There could have an energy-based self destruct ability where it disables power for 5 seconds and depletes energy weapon ammunition with something like 100 damage at the center of the explosion

14: We could use an advance tyrant, 6 evos with 450 hp (nothing like KoRx’s 600hp tyrant) which can make use of acid bombs similar to KoRx (requires booster to recharge, recharges every 30 seconds)

15: Humans could get a “wearable” pack (can be worn with battpack/jetpack/bsuit) capable of auto-regeneration (Regneration Curved like in my GPP-1-1 mod: 3hp/sec at 0hp and 0.8hp/sec at 100hp?) for 200 credits, which gives humans a better chance of survival