GHub Olympian Registry [PROFICIENCY]

Welcome Olympians, after reevaluation the GHub Olympics will feature multiple areas of competition.

Proficiency: A high degree of competence or skill; expertise.

Do you think you’re proficient with a specific alien or weapon? Do you think you rank among the best with said alien or weapon? Test your skills out in the GHub Olympics Proficiency competition.

The Olympic Council will take a number of volunteers to act as the Title Defenders in this proficiency test. You will go against the registrants fighting to slaughter and prevent the Olympians from mastery.

Olympians, you will have two lives. The first life will see you pitted against your rival class/weapon fighting you one by one to see how many kills you can attain in that one life. The second life will see you pitted against multiple of your rivals to see if you can either slaughter them all and come out alive, or take as many down with you as possible. The scoring will be based off of DTE and/or kills and livelihood measured in seconds or minutes.

You can only register to be either a title defender (the static group of people who fight each of the Olympians) or an Olympian fighting to claim your mastery in the weapon/alien class you so choose to use.

Here’s how to register to be a Title Defender.

Rate your own skill from 1-10 with aliens and humans:
Your tremulous experience (I.E. how many years playing either 1.1, GPP, or both):
What times are you available:

Here’s how to register to be a Proficiency Olympian.

Desired Weapon/Alien Class:
What times are you available:


Pain Saw = Dretch
Rifle = Dretch / Lisk / Mara / Goon
Mass Driver = Dretch
Las Gun = Dretch / Lisk / Mara / Goon
Pulse Rifle = Dragoon
Shotgun = Dretch / Dragoon or Adv.
Chaingun = Adv. Dragoon
Flamer = Any
Lucifer Cannon = Adv. Dragoon


  • Rules and rivalries are susceptible to change based on the Olympic Council’s reevaluation and consideration of comments / criticisms.
  • Choosing either Shotgun, MD, Las, and or Rifle you can choose whether to play Dretches, Lisks, Maras, or Dragoons - HOWEVER: You will not be allowed to access s2 unless you are facing dragoons or adv. maras
  • Title Defenders will be chosen based off of how skilled the Council perceives them to be and also voting from the community.
  • Tyrants and Battlesuits will NOT be used in the proficiency competition. Lucis however ARE allowed.
  • Proficiency Olympians can only choose ONE class or weapon, you cannot play both races.
  • You MUST use your registered IGN to avoid confusion
  • Clan tags can be used with your IGN but aren’t necessary on the registry.
  • Anyone with a forum account can register, there registry will only be accounted for if they officially register on this thread however. Vocalization to an admin in-server will not warrant them a spot on the bracket or to compete.
  • Specific accommodations will be put in place for classes with obvious shortcomings in 1v1 fights (e.g. a regular lisk vs. a skilled defender in long hall with a rifle), they have yet to be designed.
  • There will rules set in place for kiting tactics used by aliens and by some mass driving mains.
  • Jetpacks are allowed if you are facing rivals that warrant s2 accessbility.
  • Maps and/or specific in-map arenas will be chosen by the Olympic Council and some voting from Olympians.
  • If we don’t have more than one registrant for each alien class/weapon that are registered for we will have to subject people who chose less popular weapons / classes to rechoose one of the weapons / classes that have other registrants in it. If we do not put this in place than effectively everyone who is a singular bearer of weapon/class will be a master by default.
  • All participants will and can be spectated at any point in the competition for broadcasting and/or hack detection. No, we as the GHub Staff are not walking into this assuming any participant is a hacker nor do we support that assumption/implication, however this is necessary to avoid any misplay or cheating.
  • Psaws will use helmet vs. dretches / lisks.

Thank you for the registrations, we welcome everyone. Good luck Olympians.


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No advanced ckit or battle granger?

Like the tyrant they are far too powerful and unspokenly recognized as whore classes. Sorry m8.

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IGN: Fk|Handsome
Timezone: UTC -5
Rate your own skill from 1-10 with aliens and humans: 10
Your tremulous experience (I.E. how many years playing either 1.1, GPP, or both): No idea I don’t keep track
What times are you available: Evenings after 7 pm EST.

Rifle, Luci, and Lasgun. Shotgun will be too easy.

1 choice m8, I think you should do rifle or luci. I vote luci.

I will take all of them

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Why must it only be one choice? Why not have qualifying rounds for each national/geographic team to determine the top 3 best for each proficiency (if some are the best in more than one , why not have them represent accordingly) ?

Why not have on Tyrant Olympian face a team of 6 humans? Likewise, why not have a Battlesuit Olympian face a team of 6 aliens?

It just doesn’t feel like either of those classes have any finesse.

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They are still a part of trem from the beginning, even if they are infamous. Just make the scenarios for those two classes extra extra challenging.