Good Bye!

I leave the game, because i cannot play with 260 ping, people doens’t connect to Dretch Storm and GrangerHub servers. Der Bunker people dont care the latin american people, etc , etc.
I deleted trem 1.3. Trem 1.3 are a very good client, optimized for windows 8.1 and 10,

Ok people have fun!

atte: Kommand

Trem is for Europeans now.

@Nicolas21550 , I’m sorry to see you go, but perhaps you should considering staying around for a few more weeks to see how things develop. People still play regularly on DretchStorm|U.S|East , there was just some difficulty over the past few hours today with the server browsers for some reason not displaying DretchStorm, nor GrangerPub, nor test7341, nor GrangerClub, but we got GrangerHub’s servers back on the lists, and I pinged Oblivion about how to get Dretch*Storm back on the list, and I expect that to be fixed soon.

We also have development games on the test7341 servers that start in about 30 minutes tonight, and for this Saturday’s development games I expect test7341 to be at least as busy as it was last time, maybe even more so. While we still have more to go with the game play, it is starting to get pretty fun, and last weekend we had pretty much continous matches from Friday night to Saturday night (NY Time) where at one point we had 7 v 7 matches for a few hours straight. I expect test7341’s activity to continue to increase as we make more progress.

The swirl mode game play is even starting to get more fun with small matches, and even 1 v 1. Once the game play is awesome from 1 v 1 up through larger games, at that point it would be more practical and easier for players to join servers based more on the quality of a given game server, and less on the current number of players on that game server.

Also, at some point in the near future, we will have the vanilla game mode of 1.3 (which would be mostly 1.1 vanilla game play ported) ready for use on pub servers like GrangerPub and Dretch*Storm, and I expected that QVM to be of a much better quality than any previous 1.1 vanilla(ish) game play QVM.

Additionally, as we get closer to the 1.3 full release, with new fun game play options available on existing servers, and a stable high quality easy to install and easy to use client available for download, we will begin to actively promote Tremulous to work on attracting and retaining new players outside of the current playerbase. For trem to revive, there needs to be active efforts in in increasing the net playerbase. Just having a few viable servers compete over enough players to effectively sustain only one at a time most of the time isn’t going to cut it.

But you don’t have to wait for GrangerHub to be ready for its active outside promotion of trem, @everyone here can always get the ball rolling sooner than later by start talking with friends and family about joining in on trem now. Whether they were old players, or never tried playing before, you can direct them to the latest 1.3 alpha client, and give them a tour on what they have been missing, and help train them to get gud. Word of mouth is very effective for getting new players on a gamej. You can also talk about trem on social media, like facebook, twitter, steam, etc. stream matches on Twitch. Keep posting new videos about trem on YouTube.

Another thing you can do is coordicate with your friends times to play to get matches started/growing on your favorite servers that might not be as active at the times you would like to play. generally speaking, if you get at least a few players actively playing on a given server (not just sitting as spectators), it doesn’t take long for more people to start to join in.

For example last Friday night I connected to the test7341 server to test something briefly with a couple of other players, and soon after there were 10 players on the server, and we didn’t even have development games scheduled on Friday nights. The thing about the test7341 server is, while we have specific times for the “official” development games, that server is open 24/7, and anyone could always start matches there anytime generally.

Long story short, I wouldn’t give up on trem just yet, stick around and see what happens in the next few weeks, and yuo are encouraged to help in the efforts to improve the game and its community anyway you can.

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Trem 1.3 worked correctly for me, but i deleted it

cannot too, example one of my friends can play at 7.00 pm, but i cannot play, because i need sleep (11.00pm)
but was not a reason for leave trem really

Im watching servers and DB is always full of players. I deleted discord too, I dont care trem people right now, bb (exep gh devs)